Timeless and Fierce Armchairs For Your Living Room

Timeless and Fierce Armchairs will be today’s topic. Decorating the living room is always the funniest but also the toughest house room decor because it is the heart of the house, literally. Living rooms set the trend for the rest of the house so it has to be as accurate to your personal taste and dream home as possible. So, what is better than an armchair that will always be in fashion and represent the strength and unicity of your home? In today’s article, you will find some inspirations for our modern armchairs that complete these requirements.

Timeless and Fierce Armchairs

Armchairs tailor-made for your living room

fierce living room with green and gold details and big armchair

EARTH Armchair is incredibly versatile and adaptable to wherever it is set in. Inspired by the rotation of the Earth, this barrel-shaped designed armchair is fully upholstered in cotton velvet and has a unique hammered brass back with golden polished nailhead trim. The amazing EARTH Armchair completely makes a statement to this (or any other) living room, adding a subtle detail of elegance and modernity. It is for sure a fair example of a timeless and fierce armchair. With the company of the ARDARA Console and VELLUM Wall Light, it creates a stunning living room set.

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modern living room set with black armchair

In this modern living room, black is the central colour – and the central piece is the incredible MALAY Armchair. This modern mid-century tufted velvet armchair has aged brass legs that give this piece of furniture a mystical soul and a breath of nature (or the inspiration to MALAY Armchair wouldn’t be the mesmerising Malay Archipelago). The addition to the living room set of KOI Side Table which has a top in marble is the missing detail.

modern mid-century tufted velvet armchair green modern armchair

A darker living room can be hard to decorate because you may not know what combines with it, but this living room is an example of how elegant and cosy can be when you play with the power of colours. The modern grey KANSAS Armchair proves that all you need is a structured and fierce armchair to find the balance between all the room elements. Side by side with the remarkable SYRAD Wall Light and the graceful MAMBU Bookcase makes the perfect living room decor.

If you to create a bespoke living room you have to be bold and think outside the box when choosing the decoration and HERA Armchair fits all the requirements. This velvet channel-tufted chair embodies the magnificence of the Temple of Hera, one of the most incredible examples of iconic Greek architecture. HERA Armchairs instantly transforms a mere living room into a greater space. Illuminated by the PHONG Wall Light it adds a refined elegance that progressively reveals itself.

Balance is the key to this modern living room set. Benefiting from the high-ceiling and with HULI MIRROR at the centre, this living room represents how neutral colours can adapt so well in bolder elements, like marble. Although MAA Armchair is back turned, it is the essential furniture you seek when decorating the space. This channel-tufted chair features a nailhead trim that wraps around the piece and legs in ebony wood veneer, bringing a tailored touch to the set.

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