Snake Rugs: Discover this Mystical Collection by Rug’Society

Snake Rugs is the new collection of exquisite Rugs by Rug’Society. These botanical rugs are inspired by the powerful snake. This magnificent creature is a mythological symbol that means fertility, rebirth, renewal and immortality. Since spring has arrived, we can’t see more ideal rugs for your home design than snake rugs. Prepare your spring renewal and get inspired with these interiors.

Snake Rugs

The Snake Rugs designs pay homage to this majestic animal and the meaning it was bestowed in the past, and that still remains. A one-of-a-kind rug that combines hand-tufted and over-tufted techniques with various materials – natural wool and botanical silk.

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moder library design with green snake rug

This bright reading corner has the expressive sense of the Snake Rug and its vibrant colour – the perfect match to our COMO Armchair. Both of them together create this large, comfy and attractive space.

modern hallway design with green snake rug

In a very simple hallway design, the vibrant feel and colour of the Snake Rug completely transform it. When combined with the very structured COLOSSEUM Sideboard, the final look gets elegant and functional at the same time.

SNAKE RUG By Rug'Society

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Snake 8

contemporary living room design

The Snake 8 rug is a contemporary rug that represents the snake’s life force, creation, sensuality, and mystery. This symbolism is brilliantly displayed in the living room, and the botanical features provided by the walled garden are the ideal combination to produce this dashing living room that will impress any visitor.

modern hallway design

A modern hallway where refinement is visible in every detail thanks to the combination of traditional lines on the walls and current upholstery design. The Snake 8 completes the modern classic aesthetic with an irreverent rug design and adds some darkness and mystery to the decor.

SNAKE 8 by Rug'Society

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Imperial Snake

modern dining room design

With a strong nature inspiration through fauna and flora, this lovely dining room displays a magnificent interior design motif that is rarely seen in this type of room. This amazing ambience lends itself wonderfully by showing neutral tones blended with golden colours, with an animal and plant atmosphere.

modern neutral living room design

This modern living room is based upon neutral tones – and the elements couldn’t be better chosen. The beautiful ESSEX Armchairs are completely combined with the opulent design of Imperial Snake.

imperial snake rug by rug'scoiety

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