Milan and Rome Modern Interior Design

Hosting some of the best city worlds, like Rome and Milan, Italy is absolutely one of the best countries when we talk about interior design! This country is the home of the greatest event Salone Del Mobile Milano, luxury furniture brands, and top interior designers, like some you will get to know in this article. Have a look!


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Milan Interior Design

Milan, the capital of Lombardy, has a population of 1.3 million people. It is the biggest industrial city of Italy with many different industrial sectors. It is a magnetic point for designers, artists, photographers and models. Milan has an ancient city centre with high and interesting buildings and palazzos, which is why so many people from all over the world want to see the city of glamour.

Rome Interior Design

Ancient Rome Architecture has been at the center of the city’s tourism sector. However, the city is fast reinventing itself with modern architecture and interior design. Now you can meet some interior designers and architects in Rome, who have granted a new meaning to Italian design!

02 Arch

Milan and Rome Modern Interior Design + 02 Arch + Living Room with Red Sofa

02 Arch was founded by Ettore Bergamasco and Andrea Starr in Milan. Both with a wealth of expertise and knowledge gained through numerous work experiences with prominent architecture and interior design firms, which is reflected in the team’s own projects. The 02 Arch designers team is dedicated to creating architecture, interior design, and landscape design projects. Interior design magazines and journals such as Architectural Digest and Interni routinely feature the studio.

3mq Architecture Studio

Milan and Rome Modern Interior Design + 3mq Architecture + Modern Dinig Room with wooden table and seats

The 3mq Architecture Studio was created in 2007 as a result of great collaborative experiences and a shared set of guiding principles in both work and life. 3mq architecture puts the human at the center of the space and tries to build environments that suit the people who live there.

8&A Architetti

Milan and Rome Modern Interior Design + 8&A Architetti + Modern Bathroom

Anna Barile and Antonio Ottoboni created 8&A Architetti in 2003. Both learned from Corrado Levi that innovation is born from the mingling of cultures, ages, and personal experiences and that this is how Modern Interior Design is born.
The long-term ties and collaborations they have with artists, musicians, and creatives, as well as their insatiable curiosity, drive them to constantly investigate new materials, methods, and support, paying close attention to every minute aspect.



Achille Salvagni

Milan and Rome Modern Interior Design + Achille Salvagni + Modern Entryway

From Rome, Italy, to the rest of the globe. Achille Salvagni’s award-winning luxury houses and superyachts have earned him international acclaim. The Italian designer is a big admirer of beauty in all of its forms, a history buff, and a design enthusiast.

It only takes a few moments to understand why his interiors are so popular in the design industry. In 1970, Achille Salvagni was born in Rome. He is the founder of Achille Salvagni Architetti, a Rome-based architecture and design firm that specializes in luxury residential projects and superyacht interior design.




Milan and Rome Modern Interior Design + Ad-Myra+ Modern Living Room

Luca Mangione joins his partner Elisa Angelini to launch AD-MYRA in 2013, after several years of working on large-scale architecture with Studio Daniel Libeskind. AD-MYRA is a high-end design, architecture, and interiors firm specializing in bespoke design services for private residential, commercial, and “unique” projects ranging from private villas to apartments.



AIM Studio

Milan and Rome Modern Interior Design + Aim-Studio+ Luminous Bathroom

Claudio Tognacca and Camillo Villa formed AIM Studio, bringing together a skilled team of architects, interior designers, graphic designers, videographers, and photographers with the goal of creating one-of-a-kind and timeless architecture and interior design.
AIM Studio, which has received international recognition for its expertise, creates residential, commercial, indoor, and outdoor projects while always keeping expression and interactions in mind. This means that there is a concern in maintaining a design that models itself around the needs of the clients.




Milan and Rome Modern Interior Design + Akt-ME+  Closet Design

Aktme is a curator of design, taste, and style in the international luxury lifestyle market, realizing, customizing, and delivering furniture for interior and outdoor projects. Their Manifesto is “Furniture with Character,” since they believe that rather than a copy-and-paste technique, each furnishing project demands a unique strategy and specific solutions. They accompany their clients, both professionals, and private individuals, giving you the option of how we can help you with your projects.

Alter Ego Group

Milan and Rome Modern Interior Design + Alter Ego Goup + Luxurious Living Room

Despite the fact that Alter Ego is a family business that was formed in 2003, it has clients all over the world. With offices in Milan and Moscow, the firm has completed over 300 private architecture projects. Alter Ego is a tight-knit worldwide workforce with the talent, passion, and drive to complete each project and make the unthinkable possible.

Julia Lantieri, the studio’s founder and CEO, is a visionary. Her debut project, “Alter Ego,” was the inspiration for the company’s name. Each project combines creativity and elegance. As a result, the team works hard to listen to and understand their clients’ wants and needs, and then to go above and beyond.

Alvisi Kirimoto

Milan and Rome Modern Interior Design + Alvisi Kirimoto+ Luxury House

The studio’s founders, architects Massimo Alvisi and Junko Kirimoto, have repeatedly addressed the issue of urban regeneration in their work with Renzo Piano and the G124 team, as well as in projects completed in Italy and abroad, including setting up experimental research laboratories in retail centers designed for the outskirts of major Chinese cities like Nanking and Shanghai.

Andrea Castrignano

Milan and Rome Modern Interior Design + Andrea Castrignano + custom-made bathrooom

Andrea Castrignano has had a significant impact on the field of design and interior design since 1997. With a fantastic path, he devotes his heart and soul to creating the ideal custom-made environment, exactly tailored to each customer’s demands and desires.

He also designs exclusive product collections that are always a hit, in addition to his work as an interior designer. He also hosted a TV show, centered on home decoration, in 2011, and in 2017, he idealized and hosted his second TV show, combining food and design. In addition, she created a best-selling trilogy and founded Italy’s first interior design blog.

Andrea Fogli

Milan and Rome Modern Interior Design + Andrea Fogli+ Luxury and Comfortable Bedroom

Andrea Fogli has been turning his passions for lifestyle, trends, and visual communication into bold, timeless, yet unexpected designs since 2006.
Fogli has also worked on a number of high-profile projects, including the Riviera Golf Resort & Spa, Argentario Golf Resort & Spa, Hotel Excelsior in Pesaro, and private projects around Europe. His work has appeared in a number of prestigious international periodicals, and he has also received the Sia Guest Award for Luxury Hotels.

Architetture – Sordina Torno Partners

Milan and Rome Modern Interior Design + Sordina Torno Partners+ Luxury Classic Living Room

Sordina Torno Partners, founded in 1998 by Barbara Sordina and Cesare Torno, mixes architecture, interior design, and art in a seamless manner, resulting in high-end interiors that everyone adores

Beretta Associati

Milan and Rome Modern Interior Design + Beretta Associate + Mid-century Restaurant Design

Gianmaria and Roberto Beretta formed Beretta Associati, a fifty-year-old architectural firm. Since its founding in 1964 by Gianmaria Beretta, the firm has worked in a variety of architectural and interior design fields.

The company now employs about 35 people, including architects and support staff, and has seen substantial growth over the years. Architect Federico Aldini has been the firm’s project manager and coordinator since 2012. Long-term collaboration with international promoters and investment funds has resulted in the development of world-class expertise.

Biagio Forino Interiors

Milan and Rome Modern Interior Design + Biagio Forino + Contemporary Living Room

Biagio Forino, a Milanese by adoption who was born in Salerno, started his studio in 1987, dedicated himself totally to his work, in the constant search for beauty and meticulous attention to detail for a harmonious overall outcome. His accomplishments have been featured in AD as well as other national and international journals in the field.


Milan and Rome Modern Interior Design + Bicuadro + Building Architecture

BICUADRO is a Rome-based international award-winning agency. The team is active in a wide range of initiatives on a global scale, from small to large. The design of BICUADRO is inspired by the historical and environmental surroundings, and it aspires to be a continuation of the Italian history of design excellence. Contemporary design with an innovative solution, a global perspective, and a sense of place. Inspired by the historical and environmental background, the goal is to continue the Italian legacy of design excellence.


Milan and Rome Modern Interior Design + Bluarch + Modern Architecture

Bluarch was established in 2004 with the goal of creating beautiful, intelligent architecture and places. Bluarch is an architecture, interior design, and lighting design firm with offices in New York and Rome, Italy. It serves a varied international clientele with skill and knowledge in architecture, interior design, and lighting design. The firm works on projects of all sizes and scopes, as well as a wide range of programs [residential, commercial, mixed-use, entertainment, hospitality, naval, retail, and product], and its lighting design experience complements each architectural project and interior.

Carlo Donati

Milan and Rome Modern Interior Design + Carlo Donati + Luxurious Modern Design Project

Carlo Donati Studio is a reference in interior design not only in Italy but also worldwide, with a vast curriculum and expertise in numerous countries. His sources of inspiration include architectural landmarks and Italian design influences from postwar modernism, as well as abstract scenography and the cinematic universe. His competence is demonstrated by his ability to combine these various sources of inspiration to create surprising creations that are full of personality and bold design.

Carlo Pes

Milan and Rome Modern Interior Design + Carlo Pes + Classic Designer

Carlo Pes is a brand, a firm, and a group of designers and craftsmen who specialize in the field of design. But, at the end of the day, he is a man, Carlo Pes. The company’s structure comprises highly competent personnel with competence in numerous fields of architecture and interior design, generating prototypes for the furniture, lighting, and textiles industries, not only for private houses but also for important tourism destinations and luxury hotels.

Carola Vannini

Milan and Rome Modern Interior Design + Carola Vannini + Sophisticated Interior Design

Carola Vannini was born in Rome in 1973 and holds an architecture degree from Rome’s “La Sapienza” university. Working in the architecture and design industries in other big international cities, such as New York and Paris, allowed her to continue her practical education.

Cristina Celestino

Milan and Rome Modern Interior Design + Cristina Celestino + Luxury Bedroom

Cristina Celestino, who was born in Pordenone in 1980, worked in a variety of architectural fields before settling on interior architecture and design. In 2009, she relocated to Milan, where she founded “Attico,” her own design company specializing in the creation of lamps and furnishings.


Milan and Rome Modern Interior Design + DAZ Architects + Architectural Design

Dani Abi Zeid, a former instructor at the Lebanese American University (LAU) and an immensely gifted architect whose designs have been included in different journals and books, formed DAZ ARCHITECTS, an architectural design and consultancy firm.


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