Interior Design Projects from Frech Interior GmbH

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Frech Interior Gmbh is an interior design studio located in Vienna, Austria. Frech Interior has 2 showrooms, one in Lanzendorf and another one in Vienna. In matters of interior design, Frech’s motto is to preserve the old and invent the new. With competence and passion for interior design, they create individual solutions and concepts outside the usual standard.

Frech Interior GmbH Interior Design

The principle guideline is “Thinking outside the box”. They pay special attention to detail, as well as the final bigger picture. With Frech Interior, you draw from a conglomerate of highly professional partner companies who also place the highest value on the quality and perfect execution of your project.

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Frech Interior GmbH, best interior designers of vienna

Interior Design by Frech Interior GmbH

The development of an overall interior design concept from the Frech Interior pen is a guarantee for your sense of well-being. With the optimal fabric, matching the perfectly selected wall colour, and the antique chandelier, they develop individual design options that underpin your lifestyle. You will be involved in the planning and implementation steps with them, your satisfaction is their highest priority.

Interior Design Projects from Frech Interior GmbH

Penthouse in den Weinbergen

Frech Interior GmbH, penthous einterior deisgn with a brown sofa, 3 stools, on in brown and two in grey, some chandeliers and a rug
Frech Interior GmbH

A penthouse with a view as far as Bratislava – a dream flat with a dream view. Since the client approached Frech during the construction phase, they were able to adapt various structural changes to their design to optimally emphasize the unique vieemphasizew that this penthouse offers.

Frech Interior GmbH, dining room from the penthouse with blue dining chairs, a suspension light and a view of the kitchen
Frech Interior GmbH

The client gave them a free hand in choosing the surface materials, so they were able to create an overall concept for all floor coverings and bathroom units.

Inspired by the look
Frech Interior GmbH get inspired buy the look with brabbu dining room and the new naicca suspension
Inspired by the look
Frech Interior GmbH, penthouse from th ebedroom with a suspension light, a big floor mirror
Frech Interior GmbH

As well as a colour and design concept for all rooms, without losing sight of the client’s special wishes.

Frech Interior GmbH, the borneo collection, symmetry is overrated.

Haus am See

Frech Interior GmbH, haus am see living and dining space with a blue sofa, and a white pillow.
Frech Interior GmbH

The Hause am See (house by the lake) with direct access to the lake serves as a family weekend domicile.

Frech Interior GmbH, the opulent penthouse "empire" penthouse
Frech Interior GmbH, haus am see living and dining room with a view of the outside.
Frech Interior GmbH

Their task was to combine two living units into one and thus create a more spacious area.

Frech Interior GmbH, dining room with white dining chairs, and suspension lights.
Frech Interior GmbH

To achieve an even greater spatial effect, they merged floor and wall into one unit by using light and flowing fabrics and light pastel colours.

Alpiner Firmensitz

Frech Interior GmbH alpiner house with a sofa, some side tables and a chandelier.
Frech Interior GmbH

This project in the Alps was a welcome change for Frech, not only because of the fresh mountain air and the rugged landscape.

Frech Interior GmbH, living room with a big sofa
Frech Interior GmbH

They had a lot of fun collecting and using rustic antiques. Since they were involved from the planning phase to completion, Frech Interiors were able to create a successful example of innovative interior design.

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