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Roger Thomas Interior Design

Roger Thomas is a Las Vegas (NV) interior designer. He finds inspiration for his designs in the decorative arts of many cultures, making his designs very versatile and bold. He is also one of the most wanted designers for luxurious projects.

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Roger Thomas – Bringing the culture inside the home

The story of Roger Thomas begins in the city of Las Vegas. Soon he found that the desert-like landscapes of the state of Nevada were getting in the way of his creativity with his monotonous sights. So he found his inspiration in other cultures, sketched from around the world into his sketchbook, creating some of the most captivating and thirsting designs ever.

Evoca-tecture – Roger Thomas approach to interior design

Roger Thomas’s aesthetic approach was intended to “elicit an emotional response from the customer so, he defines it as “evoca-tecture”. Evoca-tecture accommodates the entire span of the cultural spectrum, the shapely façades and arcades become complices of the inflation value of the restaurants and accommodations od Las Vegas, elevating them far beyond their price tag.

Roger Thomas projects

Wynn Casino

The Wynn Casino, Design by Roger Thomas, Gold and Red Design, Las Vegas

The Wynn Casino is one of the most famous designs by Roger Thomas. His first statement has a designer who wants to evoke wonderful moments in peoples lives.

Mirage Hotel – Las Vegas

Mirage Hotel Las Vegas, Roger Thomas

He is the mastermind behind successful resorts as the Mirage, Bellagio, and Wynn Las Vegas. one of his trademarks is the fine and antique fabrics that he applies to the rooms he designs.

Annual Sales

Bellagio Hotel – Las Vegas

Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas, Roger Thomas

Roger Thomas pretended to create dramatic spaces intentionally, through glorious marbles, beautifully finished woods, exquisite fabrics and colourful mosaics.

Wing Lei Restaurant – Macau

Wing Lei Restaurant, Macau, Roger Thomas, The Dragon Restaurant Design
Photo: Barbara Kraft

His attention to detail is unrivalled, as his intention is to bring inside the room some cultural identity. That characteristic is very present in the Wing Lei Restaurant, in the Wynn Hotel in Macau.

BRABBU London Apartment

Golden Nugget – Las Vegas

Golden Nugget Las Vegas

Many times, Roger Thomas is referred to as responsible for the looks and feels of the Las Vegas we know today.

Treasure Island

Treasure Island Las Vegas

Roger Thomas was also responsible for the interior design of the Treasure Island Hotel.

Las Vegas house

Las Vegas Interior Design by Roger Thomas
Foto: Roger Davies

This familiar project gave Roger Thomas the opportunity to demonstrate his adaptability, designing beautiful spaces for one of his brothers’ houses. his style of mixing contemporary designs with modern-looking ones is very noticeable in this project.

New York Apartment

New York Interior Design by Roger Thomas. Blue and white interior design. Picasso paintings

This Apartment in New York City is decorated with blue colours and two Picasso paintings, designed to capture the uniqueness of the city and bring back memories from previous times.

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