Nimue Hallway: A Personality Filled Entryway at Knighstbrigde Manor

Nimue Hallway A Personality Filled Entryway at Knighstbrigde Manor

Nimue Hallway is going to be our first stop in exploring our new house, the Knightsbridge Manor. The ‘Illustrious’ Knightsbridge Manor is a dashing project filled with intensely unmistakable visuals that ornament the city’s busy streets where royalty lives. Owned by a happily married couple and their son, this home is pure living art, filled with sophisticated rooms and elements that welcome the family who lives in it into a world of wondrous dreams.

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Nimue Hallway
The Knighstbrigde Manor

The ‘Illustrious’ Knightsbridge Manor is located in Knightsbridge, London, and has 301,52m2|3 245,53sqft of astonishingly unique design choices that create an intensely unique ambience, unlike anything anyone has ever seen. A true sanctuary that evokes various emotions, including harmony, and visual thrills, this house proves to be a sensorial masterpiece where moments can feel truly alive, where luxury can embrace all these emotions and provide unforgettable experiences. 

Nimue Hallway
The Inspiration

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Nimue, in Arthurian Legends, is known to be the powerful lady of the lake, a character that rises from the steep waters of Avalon to aid King Arthur in many daunting tasks, ensuring the beginning of fantastical quests and fights.  With its involving greenery, this hallway evoked the magic of the lake where the lady sleeps, while also providing an almost mythical melting carpet that flows as if water through the floors of the entryway, creating a dazzling effect that leaves all who see it in a wonderful daze. 

Nimue Hallway
The Essentials

Nimue Hallway: A Personality Filled Entryway at Knighstbrigde Manor

Featuring an amazing irregular custom made rug that awards this room intense style and astonishing uniqueness, this fierce design will surely leave all of the houseguests with their jaws on the floor.

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