Room by Room Inspirations – Give Your Home a Modern Decor with BRABBU

Would you like to give a twist to your home or next project, with a modern decor style vibe?

Room by Room is an incredible inspirational resource  BRABBU has developed, so the design lover community may be able to easily find a vast amount of ideas and curated design. From entryways to living rooms, dining rooms to bedrooms and reading corners, we also provide inspiration for hospitality and other contract projects!

Have a sneak peek of some of the rooms and amazing images you can find there!

Modern Decor – Living Room:

The perfect colour scheme can be found in this modern living room. Filled with white and gold, this room is completed with two NAJ Armchairs, a LURAY Centre Table alongside four MECCA II Side Tables and, to highlight the lower level we have the AMIK Table lights. To complete the entire room, we can find the WHITE Garden Gug by Rug’Society and the stunning NAICA Suspension Light.

Should you need some interior design inspiration for your classic living room, look no further. This completely serene and delicate room includes BRABBU’s ELK Armchair, Boca do Lobo’s LAPIAZ Side table and to assemble the whole set, is the incredible AIR Rug with its unique neutral geometrical design.


Indulge yourself in the most contemporary interior design with the perfect reading corner inspiration. Alongside BRABBU’s KOI II Side Table is the BOURBON Armchair with blue-toned. To tie everything together is the unique round EYE Rug in grey and white tones.

Sophistication and beauty are indispensable in life, and to bring them into our home is an absolute delight. With Boca do Lobo’s IMPERFECTIO Armchair, and the centre table reflected i the D.DINIS mirror, the only thing missing really is the matching rug but fear not, the COUPLE Rug will complete the look with its colour scheme and beautiful unique design.

Modern Decor – Dining Room

Both minimalism and cosiness are easily attainable in this charming dining room area. At the centre, we can see the APIS Dining Table, paired with the DALYAN and OKA Dining Chairs. To highlight the entire environment, there is the CALLA Table Light as well as the contemporary KOBEN Suspension Light.

Dining rooms are a crucial element in any household, and thus needs to have the perfect design. Achieve that ideal ethereal look in a white and gold ambience, with the uniquely majestic IMPERIAL SNAKE Rug, paired with Boca do Lobo’s sublime LAPIAZ Sideboard, Nº11 Chair and the exquisite GLANCE Mirror.


Modern Decor – Bedroom

If you are in need of a completely sophisticated and classic modern design, we have just what you are looking for: the PLUM Single Sofa, made of stunning brown synthetic leather. Paired with the elegant and unique MECCA Side Table and the AMIK Table light, your practical bedroom will become even more staggering.

BB-Coveted 19

If you want to feel like an aristocrat, you should have a bedroom worth of royalty. With the majestic META Rug in a beautiful snakeskin pattern, this rug will be the perfect match for BRABBU’s SEQUOIA Center Table, DelightFULL’s TURNER Table Light and the stunning TENOT OTTOMAN Bench by Luxxu.

Modern Decor – Entryways & Hallways

Mid-Century inspired, the stunning BRYCE II Console is channelling the perfect naturalistic elements to completely transform your home with a contemporary home design. Colours ranging from greens to earth tones, and accompanied by two VELLUM XL Wall Lights, your hallway will surely feel like a retreat in the wilderness.

Impress your guests with this absolutely majestic entryway, counting with the hand-painted ARDARA II Console as the eye-turner, combined with the black lacquered HELIOS mirror. In contrast, we can see the gold custom made NAICCA suspension light and the AURUM XL Wall Lights and to complete this set are the velvet brown-toned NANOOK Dining Chairs.

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Black and white are the absolute epitomai of elegance and sophistication. With the black COLOSSEUM console as the statement piece, and paired with the CYRUS Wall Light and Rug’Society’s black and white INK Rug, your entryway will surely impress any and every guest.

Unique and contemporary, this entryway counts with the BRYCE II Console, complete with forest green faux-marble.. This console will pair perfectly with the CYRUS Table Light to create the most welcoming entranceway for every person in the house.

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If your hallway feels empty, do not hesitate to find the perfect companion. Soft to the touch, made out of Natural Wool and Botanical Silk, the OSCAR Rug is a unique coloured rug is the perfect company for any place in the house. Paired with BRABBU’s VELLUM Suspension Light, this combination is sure to impress any guests.

Modern Decor – Bathroom

This environment completely portrays a marvellous modern bathroom design. For the perfect combination, we can find the IGUAZU Armchair, alongside Maison Valentina’s DIAMOND Bathtub and the absolute masterpiece, the NAICA Chandelier. Emulate the ideal cultural headspace with this unique-looking bathroom.

This amazing design features some inventive and outstanding choices that make it stand out. From the astonishing wall plants that make the bathroom feel alive to the powerful Darian bathtub together with the Antelope Rug, one can tell that there is a nature-inspired aesthetic ruling over this fabulously elegant and luxurious bath space.

This wonderful space is an elegant statement on luxury bathrooms, especially with the incredibly beautiful Diamond Bathtub in Nero Marquina Faux-Marble as its crown jewel. The Warmness of the space only accentuates the intense visuals that perfectly combine functionality and elegance, providing splendid moments of peacefulness and serenity.

Elegant, unique, and utterly astounding, The Diamond Bathtub in Carrara Faux-Marble brings an amazing ambiance to this intensely unique bathroom. With the perfect lighting, the Imperial Snake Rug, and a fiercely dazzling view of the Australian landscape, this is an ambiance for the ages that will leave anyone in absolute awe!

Modern Decor – Closet & Powder Room

Classic styles never go out of fashion, and this incredible closet proves exactly that! The Maya Armchair‘s elegance provides the closet with an absolutely intense aesthetic, and its sweet velvet captures the attention of anyone who enters the space. The spacious room was made to accommodate a king, and it’s impossible for one not to feel the majestic energy of the space.

The Diversity Powder Room belongs to the utterly fantastic “Éternel” Parisian Apartment designed by Brabbu and featuring the striking Cross Grey Surface, the astounding Kumi Mirror, and the brilliant Vellum Wall Lamp. Its ambiance is of pure luxury, almost belonging in a castle like Versailles and boasting a vibrant, stunning, and inspiring feel to it!


Modern Decor – Reading Corner

A cosy, well-lit living room in completely neutral and white tones. Sounds perfect, right? Dream no more, because you can easily attain it with the ESSEX Mid-Century Armchair. This soft and velvet upholstered armchair armchair, complemented by the Luray Side Table and Rug’Society’s fuzzy KOTTA Rug will make all your dreams become a reality.

Cosmopolitan and modern are the perfect attributes for this contemporary living room. The elegant and astounding GEORGE Sofa upholstered in cotton velvet, next to the ethereal AGRA Coffee table will create the perfect interior design combination for any activity.

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