Prague Showrooms: Displays that Impress

Prague is a dazzling city, filled with life and incredible designs that leave all tourists in absolute awe. The ancient city also boasts incredible interiors decorated by the finest furnishings. And where can one find such furnishings? That’s simple, in the following showrooms we are about to list! Join us and read all about Prague Showrooms: Displays that Impress.

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1- Gravelli

Prague Showrooms: Displays that Impress

Gravelli designs and sells furniture that is partially made of concrete. Tables, chairs, benches, among other things, the creations from this Prague-based studio are both perfect for offices and homes. Gravelli was nominated twice for the Czech Grand Design Award for the uniqueness and the quality of its designs.

2- Konsepti – Design shop

Prague Showrooms: Displays that Impress

Konsepti is one of the most known and oldest design stores around. This store features incredible design items from various Czech and European designers. This Prague Interior design shop has unexpected items that will blow your mind, items that are both contemporary and timeless.

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3- Modernista

Prague Showrooms: Displays that Impress

Modernista, based in Prague, holds a style of avant-garde design. As the name implies, the company specializes in modern and contemporary furniture, but they also sell plenty of cubist glasses and ceramics and much more. Visiting the store you may expect various 1950s style furniture with a touch of contemporary design.

4- Paletky

Prague Showrooms: Displays that Impress

Paletky is a response to the new trends of design, where furniture is built using transportation pallets. Paletky uses not only standard pallets to create fantastically modern items, but also foreign pallets made of unique woods such as Japanese cedar.

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5-Prague Kabinet

Prague Showrooms: Displays that Impress

Prague Kabinet is a unique studio that sells antique, art and design items. If you are looking for an exclusive and fantastic design, this may be the studio for you. The objects sold by the studio will absolutely leave you completely in awe.



6- Scandium Interiors

Prague Showrooms: Displays that Impress

The beauty, function and charm of Scandinavian design have been captured in the creation of this Prague-based studio, where you can see over twenty well-known brands represented. All the products from this studio will leave you gasping.

7- Stopka

Prague Showrooms: Displays that Impress

Stopka, a Prague-based studio, has the best, finest furniture in the market, where the best interior decor is offered to you. The stopka showroom is right in the centre of the city, where you can feel the uniqueness first-hand.

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8- Casa Moderna

Prague Showrooms: Displays that Impress

Casa Moderna is the best choice for those who wish for the best possible design to decorate your home. However, this studio will also work for offices and retail spaces, delivering incredible products. You can see the assortment of the studio firsthand in its showroom, located in Dolní Břežany, Prague. 

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