Top Interior Designers In Sydney To Get Inspired By

Discover here the Top Interior Designers in Sydney that are shaping the inside of the city’s buildings, giving it the iconic style that helps make its identity what it is. Whether you’re designing a new project, or in need of some inspiration, here are the best Interior Designers in Sydney to help you out.



ACME is one of the Top Interior Designers in Sydney that is an award-winning multidisciplinary design studio delivering a broad range of creative projects. The boutique practice has extensive professional experience in both small and large scale projects including completed works in the hospitality, residential, commercial, industrial, public and adaptive reuse sectors. Established by architect Vince Alafaci and interior designer Caroline Choker, the studio focuses on creating holistic design solutions that respond to each client’s commercial objectives and site-specific needs.

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2. Alexander & Co.

The next to make our Top Interior Designers in Sydney list is Alexander &CO., which has been conceived as a design agency with a charter to provide the highest quality of conceptual and strategic thinking coupled with a robust breadth of execution infrastructure. Core to this philosophy is an ability to move with versatility through architecture, interiors, styling, visualisation, project management and branding within an ethos of an incomparable client journey.

3. AA Architects

Anyone moved by the experience of great architecture can understand the power it can have over the way we think and feel. Adrian Amore and his team strive to evoke these emotional responses from the architecture they create. To bring a sense of well-being, inspire pleasure, and foster a poetic richness in the way we live our lives.

4. Arent&Pyke

Arent&Pyke is one of the Top Interior Designers in Sydney, formed by Juliette Arent and Sarah-Jane Pyke, encompassing interior architecture and design with a unique focus on the decorative arts. Since the formation of the practice in 2007 Arent&Pyke have fine-tuned their philosophy around what it means to make a space sing. While they have created a multi-award-winning practice and earnt the respect of their industry peers, the emotional connections they create drive their aesthetic and practical decisions.

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5. Bates Smart

Bates Smart is an architectural firm with studios in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. Founded in 1853 by Joseph Reed it is known as one of Australia’s oldest architectural firms and has been responsible for numerous landmark buildings.

6. Blainey North

Blainey North & Associates is a global design firm specialising in interior architecture and the design of luxury environments for five and six-star hotels, exclusive residences and bespoke commercial and retail projects in Australia and around the world. Blainey’s architectural training enables her to push the conceptual boundaries of design by connecting the worlds of fashion, architectural history, visual arts and film to develop a unique, and highly relevant, design language.

7. Brendan Wong

The signature of every project is the partnering of an elegant aesthetic with a functionality that transcends the years. This award-winning design studio in our Top Interior Designers in Sydney list has developed a reputation for superior client service and seamless delivery of projects nationwide.

8. Fiona Lynch

Renowned for its artistic approach to interior design, Fiona Lynch is a design studio that excels in achieving wonderfully resolved outcomes across residential, hospitality and retail projects. Led by award-winning director Fiona Lynch, and driven by the multidisciplinary expertise of their team, this studio’s work is celebrated for its emotive sensibility to materiality and light.

9. Greg Natale

The bold use of pattern and colour for which Greg Natale is known has become one of the practice’s signature features, together with an intricate approach to layering that speaks of luxe livability. These have contributed to making Greg Natale Design one of the Top Interior Designers in Sydney and Greg himself one of its most sought-after talents in Australia.

10. Hare + Klein

Top Interior Designers in Sydney

Multi-award-winning team of interior designers, Hare + Klein provide quality residential & commercial interior design services Australia-wide. Hare + Klein is one of the Top Interior Designers in Sydney, being led by Meryl Hare and Associate Dimity Chitty with a team of creative designers who have ensured that the practice has maintained its position as one of Australia’s leading interior design studios for nearly 30 years.


11. Hassell

Hassell brings together the best designers and thinkers in a unique collaborative process that results in both beautiful design and measurable value. The practice works across architecture, landscape architecture, interior design and urban design – a rich multi-disciplinary mix of skills and perspectives that unlocks project’s economic, social and cultural value.

12. Layan Design Group

LAYAN’s design philosophy embeds ‘the person’ as an intrinsic medium for understanding a project’s spatial experience and its spirit of place. Sympathetic to the human form, scale and proportion, every project is gently crafted with innate tenderness and intimacy.

13. MorrisCo Design

MorrisCo Design specialises in the creation of stylish and bespoke brand experiences for a variety of businesses including retail spaces, restaurants, bars, cafés and workplaces. This studio works with both established and emerging brands to create unique interiors.

14. Nic Graham & Associates

Australian interior designer Nic Graham is celebrated for a variety of residential, commercial and hospitality projects in the Asia-Pacific region. His work is contemporary, incorporating a sense of warmth and comfort. Nic Graham and Associates studio are located in Sydney, with collaborative studios located in China. A medium-sized team of design associates and design technicians focussing on unique hotels, restaurants and residential projects that allow them to explore bespoke design in every aspect of their work.

15. Richards Stanisich

Richards Stanisich is one of the Top Interior Designers in Sydney, with an interior design and architecture practice based in the city. The practice takes on large and small projects across retail, residential, hospitality and commercial sectors. They believe every project is an opportunity to build on existing ideas and rethink new possibilities.

16. SJB Interiors

SJB Interiors brings into being the aspirations of clients for interiors that might be required to fulfil a range of different qualities and characteristics: bold, stylish, exciting, imaginative, impressive, dramatic, energising, efficient, comfortable, cocooning and serene. This practice creates imaginative spaces that capture attention and provide comfort and delight. Their multi-award-winning projects achieve a timeless quality and remain fresh and contemporary.

17. Smart Design Studio

Smart Design Studio’s architecture is inspired by pure Modernism, believing not that “form follows function” so much as “form has a function.” The studio’s team designs with rigour, applying layers of significance, embedding hidden meaning and building up surface texture, which adds poetry to the finished design, be that of a multi-storey building or the interior of a private home.

18. Thomas Hamel & Associates

Specialising in residential design and renowned for stylish yet timeless interiors tailored to today’s living, Thomas Hamel & Associates work closely with clients, blending together the elements of design to realise their dreams. Modern classic is a design signature, bringing a fresh approach and worldly sophistication to each unique project. Thomas Hamel & Associates specialises in making and selling custom designed and bespoke pieces including furniture, home goods and accessories, lighting, bedding, window treatments, rugs and carpets for their projects.

19. TomMarkHenry

Tom Mark Henry was founded in 2014, bringing together a highly skilled team with backgrounds and degrees in interior architecture and design. Based in Darlinghurst, Sydney, this dynamic studio is increasingly active in hospitality, retail, workspace and residential projects.

20. Whiting Architects

Whiting Architects is one of the Top 20 Interior Designers in Sydney, with over 25 years of experience. Director Steven Whiting’s qualifications in both Interior Design and Architecture define the firms’ signature style and form a design philosophy that centers on the premise that there is no separation between disciplines. The practice produces work that transcends fashion and remains contemporary and robust for years to come. Integral to their philosophy is the firms’ ability to consider all aspects of the design.


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