Entryways and Hallways – The Secrets To Easy Decor

Entryways - The Secrets To Easy Decor

Entryways and Hallways are the divisions that set the mood for the entire home – they are the space that first gives the ‘I am home’ feeling and where you start to unwind and disconnect from the stress outside.

Entryways come in all sizes and shapes and decorating it can be a hard task. Regardless of the shape and size, your space may take, sometimes all it needs is a console table, a sophisticated coat hanger or a unique boot tray.

Spice up these spaces by updating your entry door or repainting it, make your floor distinguishable from the rest of the house by using tiles, rugs or a different wood type.

Today we bring you a guide on how to decor it, covering different styles: Modern, Contemporary, Classic, Mid-Century and Eclectic. Just because the main purpose of an entryway is functional, does not mean we need to sacrifice the feeling of comfort – for us and for our guests.

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The Classic Entryway

Entryways and Hallways - The Secrets To Easy Decor

The Classic style prides itself on its harmony, order and its friendly charm. Classic designed homes frequently have a neutral colour on the walls, hence the room’s furniture, artwork and accent pieces pop. The ELK Armchair is the perfect pop of colour for this entry and being it in purple makes the room even more welcoming and friendly. This armchair gets complemented by the MANUKA Side Table and the IMPERIAL SNAKE by Rug’Society.

ELK Armchair

Entryways and Hallways - The Secrets To Easy Decor

With distinctive branches, elk kelp is a species of algae known for its fascinating beauty. Just like ELK Armchair and its exceptional chair design. Upholstered in cotton velvet and with a base in glossy aged brass and black glossy lacquered, this curved back armchair will add refined elegance to any modern living room set.

The Contemporary Entryway

Entryways and Hallways - The Secrets To Easy Decor

The Contemporary Style is unique because it borrows elements from many other movements and styles. In it, you can see inclinations to modern, traditional, art deco and even futuristic design. A contemporary design style of decoration is defined by simplicity, subtle sophistication, deliberate use of texture and clean lines. The CYRUS Wall Light, BARAKA Sideboard and White Garden by Rug’Society make this entryway a delight to look at.

Cyrus Wall Light

Entryways and Hallways - The Secrets To Easy Decor

CYRUS Wall Light was inspired by the freedom and the vast culture of the Persian civilisation. Made of gold plated brass, this exquisite wall light casts a soft golden glow, giving a twist to any modern interior design.


The Eclectic Entryway

Entryways and Hallways - The Secrets To Easy Decor

The Eclectic Style is a calm harmonised mix of other styles, with neutral background colours. There is uniqueness in furnishings, which have an unexpected use of materials, patterns, shapes, textures and finishes, that are usually handmade. This entryway has the ARDARA Console, HULI I Mirror and GOBI Rug.

ARDARA Console

Entryways and Hallways - The Secrets To Easy Decor

Dolmens are ancient stone monuments from the Neolithic period. These unique structures were the inspiration behind the ARDARA Console Table. With a finish in black faux-marble painting glossy, this console table will give a unique twist to any interior design.

The Mid-Century Entryway

Entryways and Hallways - The Secrets To Easy Decor

Mid-Century Style has organic influences, simple forms, emphasis on function, with simplicity and fine craftsmanship, peg legs and hardware. The MALAY Armchairs and the MANUKA Side Table are perfect for these types of entryways.

MALAY Armchair

Entryways and Hallways - The Secrets To Easy Decor

The ethnicities of the mesmerising Malay Archipelago inspired the creation of MALAY Velvet Armchair, a twist on mid-century modern furniture. This tufted upholstered chair with aged brass legs has a mystical soul that will fulfil your living room set with energy from Nature.

The Modern Entryway

Entryways and Hallways - The Secrets To Easy Decor

Modern Style furnishings and decor celebrate natural materials, neutral or earthy colours and the elimination of unnecessary details. It uses natural materials such as unpainted wood, metals, leather and natural fibres; reflective surfaces such as steel, chrome or glass and natural wood.

With BEGONIA Armchair, the perfect choice to sit on after a long day, BRYCE Side Table to give the support you need and NIKU Pendant Light to offer a warm light that will help you relax whilst resting and recovering your strength.

BEGONIA Armchair

Entryways and Hallways - The Secrets To Easy Decor

Begonia is a beautiful flower from tropical countries. Inspired by its warm energies and the bold shape of its petals, our designers conceived BEGONIA Accent Chair. Its charming curves and soft cotton velvet upholstery make this the perfect curved back armchair for elegant modern interior design.

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