Dimore Studio – The Eclectic Home Excellence

Dimore Studio - The Eclectic Home Excellence

Dimore Studio is definitely a hot name regarding Milan’s top interior designers, as well as the top designers of Italy as a whole. The two founders of the studio, Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran, have an apartment in the city of design and fashion notable for having an incredible touch of history.

Dimore Studio - The Eclectic Home Excellence

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Dimore Studio - The Eclectic Home Excellence

The lovely apartment is located on a late-19th-century building which was found by both Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran in October. The pair would end up moving there less than 10 months later. As they have explained to Vogue:

“We had no structural work to do since we were determined to retain as much of the history of the place as possible (…)We updated the electrical wiring but that was about it. We kept everything else, right down to the door handles and the servants’ bells.”

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Dimore Studio - The Eclectic Home Excellence

Many elements of this lovely historical home were preserved by the duo of designers. The whole space had remained untouched since the 1930s, and when the air moved in they made sure that it would preserve all the hallmarks of the baronial revival then in vogue.

“We have a lot of heated discussions about colours, patterns, things like that, but I need his opinion as much as he needs mine about certain things. Finding the common ground is what makes everything work.”

The best way to define the interiors of the house, in general, is by acknowledging the inspirations behind the mindset of the designers when revamping the home.

Dimore Studio - The Eclectic Home Excellence

Among them, we can include Gio Ponti’s sensual modernism, the aristo-boho glamour of decorator Gabriella Crespi and a touch of the influences of the Italian film industry, specifically from names such as Fellini, Antonioni, and Visconti.

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Some of the highlights found inside of the home include the furniture in Moran’s room. This includes a serpentine bedhead by Luciano Frigerio, a mirror by Gio Ponti, a low table by Alvar Aalto and even a dressing chair by Carlo Mollino.

Dimore Studio - The Eclectic Home Excellence

A few changes were applied by the founders of Dimore Studio to give a whole new life to this beautiful house. The added a touchstone of colour in general to all of the divisions, depending on the available light and desired mood for the division specifically.


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