Arlene Angard – Energetic, Vibrant and Elegant

Meet Arlene Angard, the interior designer and gallerist who pursued a career in orthodontics. Luckily for us, Angard moved to New York City and immediately reinvented herself and fought for her career as an interior designer inspired by her will of “making living spaces beautiful”. Proof of this is her artwork at COVET New York among other fantastic projects.

Her Venezuelan roots mixed with an innate talent in the design industry makes the designer one of the most eager in the business – Whilst Arlene would have loved to furnish the late British PM Winston Churchill’s place, she also wished she would have decorated Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge!.

Arlene Angard
Arlene Angard

In a world where being different really makes a difference, Arlene stands out by what she calls “my four C’s” – classic, comfortable, colourful and chic. This allows her to create projects both indoors and outdoors, something that she thrives to merge, when possible – she describes her work as eclectic. This characteristic allowed her to be featured in the illustrious pages of magazines like Elle Decor, Traditional Home Magazine and GALLERY New Jersey Luxury Homes & Estates.

“I love high-end residential projects with gardens and lots of art. These projects often provide for creative freedom and an incredible inspiration in luxury, romance and function. Working with gardens or mixing indoors with the outdoors helps us embrace wellness with nature, comfort and positive energy.”, states the designer who’s next big goal is to enter the European market.

Inspired by the multicultural Big Apple, Angard sees art, culture and fashion as the core of her work. This allows her to create the most varied compositions due to the city’s status of being a melting pot.

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Arlene is able to bring these stories forward through her work, where they blend in with harmony.

When it comes to challenges, Arlene believes there is a misconception when it comes to the sector, since some people’s approach to interior design is now more a “do-it-yourself” type of task, neglecting the fact that they will not get the exact same results when hiring someone to do the job. Nevertheless, she offers something very unique in the business: a niche that combines her interior design firm and a gallery, which sets her work apart from any competitors.

The work process is distributed by different steps, making sure every detail is covered:

Every project starts with a unique, elegant and romantic fantasy from the client’s point of view. After establishing what their specific tastes, budget, and priorities are we jump straight into reviewing the interior space. Then we develop the scope of work sensitive to the client’s needs and requests. 

When asked what project she would do if she had unlimited resources, Arlene stresses again her love for the outdoors and plants “A boutique hotel with its own chateau! A gorgeous, elegant and chic building with beautiful gardens, eclectic decor and lots of art. Comfortable, creative and natural spaces are so incredibly crucial to our wellness and if I had unlimited resources I would create an effective, functional, colourful and relaxing space”.

But the designer’s concerns deepen since it is really crucial to the designer to follow a more ecological path in her process: “Green Design is extremely important. I really like to be conscious of the environment every day not just in design. It is a lifestyle. I implement all sustainable ideas into my design in my projects and everyday living”.

In order to find more of Arlene Angard’s staggering projects, click here to be delighted by her eclecticism.



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