Fernanda Marques – Trendiest Brazilian Designer

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Fernanda Marques is considered as one of the best interior designers in Brazil thanks to her inspiring design projects that reflect the best interior design trends of the year.

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Fernanda Marques - Trendiest Brazilian Designer

Born in São Paulo and graduated in architecture from the São Paulo University the renowned interior designer had the opportunity to be the learn with the freat Gian Carlo Gasperini, one of the masters of contemporary architecture in Brazil.

“I think that, at some level, I have always been an architect. I believe that I have felt like an architect since I was a child. As a result, I absolutely love what I do. However, what I love the most about my job is the possibility of making people be touched by the beauty of my projects, or simply be challenged by them”

In 1990, despite all the obstacles that crossed in her life, the interior designer opened her own office, Fernanda Marques Architects, which acts as a channel for its multidisciplinary work.

“As a mother, the most challenging aspect of my career is coordinating my family life with my busy schedule. However, the most challenging times were the months following the birth of my triplets.”

Fernanda Marques - Trendiest Brazilian Designer

Defining architecture as a creative and comprehensive activity, Fernanda Marques does not limit her work on the playing field. “I would say that I am a successful professional, but I believe there is much more that I can achieve. I remain active, as there is still a lot of goals I wish to accomplish.”

Aside from the architecture and interior design, this company develops objects, shows, and projects with graphic content, auditory and visual. Fernanda Marques‘ team is focused in on collaborative integrated concepts between various departments: development, production, and communication.

Fernanda Marques - Trendiest Brazilian Designer

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All of their interior design projects correspond to the clients’ expectations and needs thanks to a trustworthy relationship that is built throughout the time.

“Feeling that I have established a real connection with my client, and that, in a way, I have managed to materialise their dreams and desires. This is not an easy target to achieve, but the feeling usually lasts forever.”

Fernanda Marques - Trendiest Brazilian Designer

Fernanda Marques‘ believes that good communication with the clients/audience is the secret to a successful project. “I hold many lectures nationally, in Brazil, and internationally, and it is in such situations that I have direct contact with my audience. At the same time, I try to be very aware and open to the feedback that I receive through all my social platforms”, defended the interior designer.

Fernanda Marques - Trendiest Brazilian Designer

Currently working on São Paulo’s Toca Gallery, Fernanda Marques’ clients are interested in the art and the design of my projects, rather than the trends. “My clients, in their own way, wish to live comfortably, but with elegance”, she said. This amazing interior design project was inspired by the amazing “Brazil’s Rainforest, especially after taking a breathtaking trip to the outskirts of Manaus and getting to know the way of life of Indian villages”.

You know that Fernanda Marques‘ work is unique because every single product is designed by the interior designer and her inspiring team.

“Nothing against collaborating with another professional, but it simply did not happen. However, regarding other brands, I have already collaborated with several of them. My most recent work has been with the Spanish brand Roca, where I designed a bathroom sink.”

The renowned Fernanda Marques doesn’t follow any amazing interior design trends, because she believes that these don’t fit perfectly in every interior design project. “I am totally against the speech of “tendencies” because I believe it takes away the singularities of each place and each professional.”

Fernanda Marques - Trendiest Brazilian Designer

For the future, Fernanda Marques truly thinks that the interior designers will need to worry with the environment and create eco-friendly and sustainable solutions, which (actually) is one of today’s biggest design trends.

“Despite my opposition, a ‘trend which I believe will influence the design world in the upcoming years is the issue regarding waste. Somehow, designers will have to answer, creatively, to this urgent matter. The waste issue will be the focus of the design world, alongside, the search for more sustainable materials and production processes.”

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When questioned about the current state of craftsmanship techniques, Fernanda Marques believes that the African culture and the Latin American techniques are the two countries that are leading the way in this field.

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