Cameron Woo Design – Multi-Award Winning Design Firm

Cameron Woo Design - Multi-Award Winning Design Firm

Cameron Woo Design, founded in 2000, is a multi-award winning, international interior design, and lifestyle firm, specialising in creating distinct spaces for private clients from around the world and most well-known property developers.

Their multi-award winning interior design studio is the acclaimed recipient of World’s Best Interior Design, Asia Pacific’s Best Interior Design and Singapore’s Best Interior Design awards. 

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Cameron Woo Design - Multi-Award Winning Design Firm

For interior design firms like Cameron Woo Design, it is a wake-up call to constantly innovate, adapt and evolve, to explore opportunities outside of Singapore and actually work in different parts of the Asia Pacific region. 

Cameron Woo is a highly awarded and acclaimed Interior Designer born in Papua New Guinea and of Australian Chinese heritage descent. His early appreciation for Design and Architecture came from living on his parent’s tropical plantation in the South Pacific near the beach.

Cameron Woo Design - Multi-Award Winning Design Firm


According to Cameron Woo, the design is a vocation and the learning process is infinite, challenging and exciting. There are so many people they would love to collaborate with, so many countries that they have yet to work in, so there will be always something more to accomplish in the many hours left in the day and days left in the year and years left in a lifetime. 

For Cameron Woo Design what makes them feel fulfilled professionally is the smile on the clients’ face. Taking up a project and seeing it through from beginning to end and finally handing over the finished product to the client and exceeding our client’s expectation. For them, that is always a deeply satisfying moment. 

Cameron Woo Design - Multi-Award Winning Design Firm

“I don’t think we actually have a style. Others might think that we do, but I personally don’t. Our designs are dictated by what our clients really want. The interior for me should showcase the personality of the client rather than the interior designer.”

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Cameron Woo Design’s clientele includes many of the world’s leading property developers such as Kerry Properties, Swire Properties, Allgreen Properties, Capitaland Residential, Ho Bee Group, VIG, and Mulpha International.  

Cameron Woo Design - Multi-Award Winning Design Firm


They always find different ways to customise their work so that it looks layered and sophisticated, with an Asian context yet international appeal. Most clients find them through their website, social media, and word of mouth. 

Cameron Woo Design has collaborated with some of the world’s largest consumer and prestige brands such as Dulux, Louis Vuitton, and Philips Lighting. Cameron Woo is a panellist on Akzonobel’s Colour Futures and has also been the guest judge and mentor on the hit international interior design reality television show The Apartment TV.

Cameron Woo Design - Multi-Award Winning Design Firm

Pre-fab and tiny homes will also continue to thrive as the quantum people can afford to pay for their first home declines due to wage stagnation and the concurrent increase in the cost of homeownership, this means people will pay more for less. 

According to Cameron Woo Design, in the past, their private clients were typically in their 50s or older, self-made in terms of wealth and prefer more traditional, conservative and classic interiors. Nowadays, their clients are a generation younger.

Cameron Woo Design - Multi-Award Winning Design Firm

This younger generation of Millennials and Gen Z are more aware of the international design trends, digital technology and are more likely to explore new design ideas.

“From an interiors perspective, I love John Saladino, Vincent Wolf, and Victoria Hagan’s work. On the fashion front, I am always inspired by the work of the late Oscar de la Renta and Valentino.”

Cameron Woo Design - Multi-Award Winning Design Firm


When asked about the trend at the moment in the design world, Cameron Woo believes that co-sharing solutions will continue to grow, due to the increase in Millenials and Generation Z holding down multiple jobs due to the Gig economy and unable to afford to buy their own homes. 

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