Musa Decor – Let this Muse Inspire Your Design

Musa Decor is an interior design firm created in 1999 by Soraia Pereira. What first began as a project more focused on the display of many world-renowned design brands, eventually would evolve to an interior decoration initiative with the goal of creating interiors filled with passion, love and life.

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Musa Decor Let this Muse Inspire Your Design

“The beginning of a new business is never an easy step, so I would say that opening a luxury interior design studio and furniture showroom in a little city, was the most challenging time in my career so far. However, with the time passing, Musa Décor quickly turned into a place that could turn people’s houses into homes, filled with love, life, and passion.“

Musa Decor can be best defined as a type of firm that dares to step out of its comfort zone many times with the goal of creating unique interiors. It’s a company specialized in the combination of both architecture and design services in order to reflect the inspirations and desires of each of its client both on the inside and on the outside the house. This mix of two distinct areas has granted the brand creator a unique reputation both inside her own country and also throughout other countries and cultures. Soraia Pereira has summed up her own style by these words: 

Musa Decor Let this Muse Inspire Your Design

“I would say I have a romantic style, full of emotions and positive energy, the main intent with Musa Décor projects is to create spaces with that sense of Home, where you can raise your family, and you can variate between having a family gathering or hosting a cocktail party with your friends. “


Musa Decor’s style is one that’s often characterized as being a unique style sustained by a variety of emotions and positive energy. There is no doubt that Soraia Pereira has a talent for turning simple spaces into more complete and multifunctional rooms where one person can either have a cosy family gathering in one day and then easily set up the scenarios for an elegant cocktail party with friends.

Musa Decor Let this Muse Inspire Your Design

Soraia is definitely the type of person who admits that despite having a long career that started in the late 90s and continues to progress today, she feels that all her dreams are yet to be accomplished. Among those dreams, she aspires regarding her career she’s admitted that designing a palace would be a wonderful challenge to take on.

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She also admitted to being a very emotional person who loves seeing the faces of her clients when the times comes to deliver the final project. When allowed the freedom and space to innovate many of the resulting projects can feel like walking into an art gallery atmosphere effectively mixed in with an intimate place for hosts and guests to chill and relax.

Musa Decor Let this Muse Inspire Your Design

“I do love everything about my work. From carefully choosing materials and finishes, designing each space, however I would say that my favourite part is delivering the project, see the client reactions and the look of surprise in their faces!”

Musa Decor is also a firm that firmly believes in brand empowerment and partnerships with the right companies, as well as communicating in a stylish and particular way with the audience. When it comes to product design, the company is known for designing some of their products while at the same time using some furniture pieces from other top bespoke brands and even some art pieces from renowned artists.

Musa Decor Let this Muse Inspire Your Design

One particular residence that they have designed for a client in Portugal, for instance, featured some contemporary art elements from two the most acclaimed plastic artists in Portugal: painter Pedro Guimarães and the sculptor Pedro Figueiredo. 

“We design some of the products we use in our projects, however we like to use good brands that are recognized for quality and craftsmanship. Attention to detail is always a plus.”

Musa Decor Let this Muse Inspire Your Design

Attention to detail is indeed a deciding element that makes Musa Decor’s style look and feels unique and carefully planned. Inspired by other design icons such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Gehry, and the late Zaha Hadid, Soraia values the careful attention to detail in her new challenges, especially seeing that the firm has a variety of clients. From business owners, royal families, to small budget clients, the company has its doors open for all types of styles, budgets and project types.

“We have our doors open to everybody that appreciate unique interior design!”

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Regarding future projects the company is working on, for now, Soraia plans on keeping her plans as a top-secret topic. When it comes to future changes that she predicts will be coming to the interior design world Soraia shares the opinion of many bespoke interior designers having no doubts that “Vintage design is coming again anytime soon!”. Musa Decor will definitely keep up with the trends and is an excellent choice for your next project.

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