Eclectic Style: The Bold Harmonisation of Different Styles

Eclectic Style: The Bold Harmonisation of Different Styles

What is Eclectic Style?

Eclectic Style decoration movement started with the Fine Arts and Architecture, whose artists prided themselves in not adhering to any particular style. Eclectic Style may seem unattained, however, eclectic spaces celebrate the harmonising of seemingly disparate styles, textures and colours.

Eclectic Style is a mix of high and low, rugged and luxed, bold and quiet. It reflects confidence in your design style and personality. Finding the nirvana between contrast and cohesive is the key to mastering the Eclectic Style. Maintaining balance is keeping proportions and silhouettes consistent, and if you are not sure how to start, choose your ‘must-have’ products and build around those, experimenting with rugs, lighting, artwork and decor.

The Eclectic Style is a calm harmonised mix of other styles, with neutral background colours. There is a uniqueness in furnishings, which have an unexpected use of materials, patterns, shapes, textures and finishes, that are usually handmade. All these elements perfectly blended together, create the elevated harmonised look of the Eclectic Style.

Eclectic Style: The Bold Harmonisation of Different Styles

BRABBU has created this mood-board to inspire you in creating your own Eclectic Style home, and as you can see, it is not a hard style to create. Feel the harmony in these products.

Cay Wall Light


Nature in its rawest form flows through CAY Wall Light as lava flows during a volcano eruption. With a structure in matte casted brass, this brass sconce was designed to embody Nature’s ultimate scream. Place it in a living room set and it will fill it with a dazzling golden light.

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Delphi Screen


Back to a world of magic, Delphi, ancient Greece’s holiest, prophesied the future of kings and countries. DELPHI Screen brings oracle to life through its bird’s eye wood veneer, glossy elm root wood veneer and polished hammered brass. This folding screen is sure to impress.

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Haiku Round Mirror


In traditional Chinese culture, bamboo represents many qualities such as uprightness and tenacity. HAIKU Round Mirror honours these traits through its copper leaf with black translucent varnish structure. Capable of reflecting the best in you, this decorative mirror will be the perfect complement to modern interior design.

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HUANG Sideboard


Huang is a mountain range in eastern China known for its spectacular scenery. Inspired by this magnificence, our designers created HUANG Sideboard. It features an outside in walnut root veneer, an inside in rosewood veneer and details in matte hammered brushed aged brass. This wood sideboard brings instant character to modern interior design.

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 NAMIB Bonnet Sofa


Namib desert is one of the oldest and largest deserts in the world and NAMIB Bonnet Sofa pays tribute to it. This powerful fabric sofa is upholstered in satin cotton and has legs in high gloss black lacquered, embodying an invigorating strength. It is the perfect twist on a classic piece that will transform any living room set.

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Padaung Stool


Padaung women wear neck rings as a symbol of beauty and protection. Just like it, PADAUNG Stool is the balance between softness and strength. Featuring a base in brushed aged brass and tilia wood, this contemporary stool will complement any modern interior design.

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Sequoia Centre Table


Sequoia is one of the largest and tallest trees in the world that grows in California. Just like it, SEQUOIA Center Table is a force of Nature. The distinct walnut root veneer top shows the passage of years and the base in brass with aged patina adds a refined touch. This coffee table proves the beauty of the action of time.

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