Top 5 Interior Designers Australia

Top 5 Interior Designers Australia to get inspired by and to fall in love with.


Sophie Seeger

Top 5 Interior Designers Australia - Sophie Seerger
Top 5 Interior Designers Australia – Sophie Seerger

Sophie Seeger runs Seeger By Design, a creative consultancy for Interior Design, Decorating, Property Styling, Colour Consulting and Art Sourcing. She was immersed in art and design from a very young age, getting inspiration from her grandmother, a sculptor, and both art-loving parents.

She studied History of Art, Colour & Design, Interior Design and Journalism; and her career to date has successfully married her passion for art, design and writing. While running a contemporary art and design gallery, Sophie Seeger developed a commission base for her paintings and also discovered her joy for commercial design development, identifying sustainable opportunities and incomes for artists and designers.

Seeger By Design focuses on decorating and styling, colour consulting, and art sourcing. Their business philosophy is to embrace each client’s style, lifestyle, and interests; and then to reflect that in their home. Their love of art is integral to their creative projects; and this is supported with custom-designed fabrics, rugs; and art commissions.

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Wendi Snyder

Top 5 Interior Designers Australia - Wendi Snyder
Top 5 Interior Designers Australia – Wendi Snyder

Wendi Snyder started a career in theatre specialising in costume and set design for student and professional productions at the Alexander Theatre Monash University. She stayed there for 10 years before working with theatre producers such as Michael Edgley, Kevin Jacobson and Cameron Macintosh. Her 25-year career in theatre took her around the world where she educated herself in architecture and interior design.

She left show business to work with property developers as an interior designer in commercial but mostly residential applications. Today Wendi works as a tutor for The Interior Design Institute as well as running her own interior design company and consulting on predominantly domestic projects, specialising in kitchen, bathrooms and colour schemes.

Savitri Gandakusumah

Top 5 Interior Designers Australia - Savitri Gandakusumah
Top 5 Interior Designers Australia – Savitri Gandakusumah

In 2003, after graduating with a Master of Design from Bond University, Savitri was asked by her professor to teach Interior Design at a private college. Savitri’s passion for teaching grew from more than 10 years of experience, where she has successfully developed extensive expertise in teaching Interior Design. Savitri has not only experience in online tutoring, but also face to face education at many well known educational establishments.

Savriti has also fulfilled a variety of Academic Co-ordinator roles for private colleges, where she has been in charge of running Fashion, Graphics and Interior Design schools. Besides teaching, Savitri is also a content writer for several private colleges, developing Interior Design content units for teaching delivery. Professionally, Savitri has worked as an Interior Designer for fit-out companies in the commercial sector. In 2016, she decided to start her own business called “Dreampods Group”, a boutique Interior Design studio specialising in branding, Interior design and fit-outs for commercial, retail and hospitality spaces.

Dreampods Group has branding is their business identity and it needs to resonate with the target audience. As designers, they understand it is not only about the appearance but the brand needs to have the same synergy with the clients’ business goals. They have the best creative mind in-house, they take the clients business culture with then, working together with the client to create an identity.

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Leigh Romanello

Top 5 Interior Designers Australia - Leigh Romanello
Top 5 Interior Designers Australia – Leigh Romanello

Since 1975 Leigh Romanello has owned and operated a design firm, under the name of DESIGN 2000. Through this design company, Leigh has completed hundreds of projects, including both commercial and residential; as well as historical and new construction. Leigh has a heavy drafting background and has always utilised this skill in her design work. She is also very competent in CAD and has lectured about it at various universities and schools.

Leigh has been a member of the local ASID, Design Council, and the Homebuilders Association, as well as teaching organisations known as the NEA and OEA. Leigh has also served on advisory boards for three colleges in Interior Design. Leigh Romanello’s goal as a designer has always been to give her clients a professional assessment of the situation, that will lead to a solid plan of action. This is what she considers to be her skill. The order of things in a design plan is key in determining what can be re-purposed or should be edited. This will not only affect the budget but help her and the client to spend it more efficiently.

Talin Leask

Top 5 Interior Designers Australia - Talin Leask
Top 5 Interior Designers Australia – Talin Leask

Talin Leask Interior Design career started upon graduation from the Academy of Design in Montreal, Canada. She travelled to Dubai where she worked with large architectural and design practices, working on large hotels, residential projects and retail outlets in newly built shopping malls across the city. Having moved to London she was able to work for ‘Greenline Interiors’ which specialised in Yacht Interiors as well as large scale royal residents based in the Middle East.

Having founded her own company some years ago she has managed to build her own clientele and has worked on refurb projects across the city as well as being involved in new build apartment projects in newly developed areas of London. She works closely with clients who have requested her expertise in office layouts, retail units and is currently working on a few commercial projects. Her attention to detail and working closely with each client is what makes her method unique.

Talin Designs is a multi-disciplinary concept-driven design start-up. They offer a range of design solutions from consumer products to interior designs. They believe in TotalDesign: the idea that every aspect of the design of a product or space must be the result of a methodical thought process which considers how the product or space will function and interact with its environment, its users and itself.

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