Sense Show – Providing Quality Design since 2001

Sense Show was established in Shanghai in the spring of 2001, with its main focus being to provide quality consulting services about design. When the first project was delivered, the gratification and satisfaction of the owner is the source of their continuous pursuit of progress and fullness, and the firm’s design path is further strengthened – designed for high-end private residences.


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Sense Show provides design consultation and product landing services, presenting life with heart and beauty. It started with a team of three people and now has over a thirty people, being now able to provide services for all parts of the country, founding a Benjin branch in 2018.


Sense Show is committed to the interior design of high-end private residences and creative offices. They aim to break the boundaries of traditional design. Starting with a creative concept and the most suitable solution, they provide their clients with multi-quadrant design services such as spatial structure planning, hydropower design, lighting design, intelligent systems and other sensory designs.


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Sense Show keeps research deeply in the interior decoration design field since its establishment. Compared with traditionally defined Decoration Design, they have a broader vision. On the basis of respecting the existing site environment, Senseshow provides more comprehensive design visually and better living experience through effective secondary integration design by blending decoration design elements such as furniture, lighting, carpets, artwork and collectables.


Years of design excellence and accumulated projects delivery, has given Senseshow a clear understanding of private home design. Sense Show hopes to provide their customers with services not only for space planning, soft-packing, and art collection and also provide customers with the most suitable life solutions.

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