JC Will: Merging Interior Design with Architecture

JC Will‘s team takes over everything, from an idea and concept development to realization. They believe in traditions and incorporate them into their innovations. All their projects incorporate a unique artistic image and functional solutions. The client is the soul of the project. Their main goal is to illustrate the clients’ values and individuality through design.

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JC Will - Cyan
JC Will – Cyan
JC Will - Dalkeith Road
JC Will – Dalkeith Road

At JC Will, they provide a full suite of services in the realm of architecture and interior architecture. Architecture by definition is the art of construction in accordance with principles that are determined by the ends the edifice is intended to serve, alongside considerations of beauty and harmony.

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JC Will - Eco Bedok
JC Will – Eco Bedok
JC Will - Euhabitat
JC Will – Euhabitat

Interior Architecture is a practice that covers a broader realm than interior design by integrating architectural principles to meet achievable design and build concepts. A balance of the art and science of designing an interior space by factoring all elements of the existing build. The process involves multifaceted considerations such as adaptive reuse, transformation and design sustainability.

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JC Will - Far East Organization
JC Will – Far East Organization
JC Will - Leedon
JC Will – Leedon

Details are important. No matter how seemingly insignificant a detail may be, it is part of a whole and defines the success or failure of a project. A comprehensive construction detailing ensures that nothing is overlooked and strives to resolve technical matters prior to work execution. By establishing design and material coordination, potential problems can be averted, keeping the project aligned with the targeted schedule.

JC Will - NSRCC Golfers Terrace
JC Will – NSRCC Golfers Terrace
JC Will - Palace
JC Will – Palace

Detail within interior architecture is the link between Architecture and Interior Design. While Architecture is considered the point of departure impacting on coherence with urban planning, Interior Architecture is the critical creative input that harmonizes the inner spaces with the shell of the building – relating to it as a whole. Only a sound knowledge of the essence of both disciplines can ensure complete integrity of design in its broadest sense.

JC Will - Seahill
JC Will – Seahill
JC Will - Silversea
JC Will – Silversea

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JC Will’s mission is to ensure that their client derives the maximum benefit from their dedicated personalized service: receiving innovative design, with technical adaptability while being responsive to schedule, budget and functional goals without compromising the aesthetics of the creative notion.


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