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DB Studio

Top 5 Interior Designers Singapore - DB Studio
Top 5 Interior Designers Singapore – DB Studio

Long before DB Studio came into creation, they fueled their passion by crafting designs and building homes and offices for friends and relatives. In 2014, after five years of well-pleased patronage, DB Studio company came into fruition. Now, they live and breathe to construct interior design to suit every detail to their customer’s needs.

DB Studio thrives on turning dreams into reality. To deliver the highest quality and most rewarding renovation journey for every customer, they offer the most comprehensive range of design consultation, renovation and related services coupled with the latest technology. They design and build spaces that reflect their customers’ inspiration and lifestyle.

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Top 5 Interior Designers Singapore - Ciseern
Top 5 Interior Designers Singapore – Ciseern

Being a market leader in Singapore’s interior design industry, Ciseern by Designer Furnishings Pte Ltd had been established since 1997. As a creative interior design company who is famously known for their aesthetic interior design concept, they have been a trusted partner for many satisfied clients. As an interior design company built on 20 years of vast experience and expertise, Ciseern has accumulated an impressive track record founded on trust and credibility.

With quality service that speaks, their interior design concepts have been known to focus on translating clients’ specifications into discerning ideas. In recognition of their outstanding achievements and contributions, they were proud to be awarded both the coveted Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2008 in Promising Brands Category and Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2012 in Established Brands category. Ciseern also stood out as the pioneer interior design company to be conferred the honour to receive Spirit of Enterprise award back in 2005.

OMUS Living

Top 5 Interior Designers Singapore - Omus Living
Top 5 Interior Designers Singapore – Omus Living

OMUS is a design firm that works in a sustainable and innovative way. A company established filled with a burning passion, impressive creativity & trustworthy quality. They are committed to providing the clients with excellent service and you will be amazed by their capabilities. 

Conceptualised and created to provide their clients with contentment. They provide services through design consultation and project management. They also particularize in designing and space planning, retaining the fundamental aspect of their design philosophy system. The services they offer include design consultation, interior design space planning, project management and renovations.

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Three-D Conceptwerke

Top 5 Interior Designers Singapore - Three-D conceptwerke
Top 5 Interior Designers Singapore – Three-D Conceptwerke

For over a decade now, they have opened their doors to like-minded design aficionados who have an innate interest in edgy interior architecture and an affinity for challenging the status quo. They have established and continue to build a dedicated community of design renegades who share the philosophy of habitus living, and who are constantly pushing and rethinking design boundaries.

Habitus living is the constant improvisation of an individual’s ‘practical mastery’ of skills, routines, aptitude and behaviours cultivated over time which enables one to choose how the client encounters, perceives and reacts to a new environment. Consider how discarded items are salvaged and reinvented in form, colour or use to bestow renewed purpose within a new space.

Rooted in their past lies the bedrock of our future: sustainability. Be it a home or commercial space, Three-D Conceptwerke seeks to integrate design seamlessly into the daily lives of its occupants regardless of style preferences, creating tangible long-term relationships between them and the spaces they inhabit.


Top 5 Interior Designers Singapore - U-Home
Top 5 Interior Designers Singapore – U-Home

U-Home Interior Design Pte Ltd, established in 1999, they have 50 experienced and creative interior designers and dedicated project coordinators to provide their clients with the best advice and service. They are committed to and are constantly looking to add value to their services.

Through their in-depth research and direct fieldwork over the years, they have uncovered key patterns and principles that help them better connect with their customers. This ensures the quality of their work, which has been known to exceed their customers’ expectations and thus gives U-Home the edge over other renovation firms.

At U-Home, they combine both core principles and the latest in continually evolving perspectives in the renovation, which they share with their clients during their consultation sessions.

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