ClassIN: Unique Business from Romania

ClassIN is a unique business concept in the Romanian market that provides full, integrated services, from interior design, to consultancy, financial management, expert teams that deliver interior design projects on time , impressive portfolio that includes over 600 national and international brands and a 5 Year Warranty for the delivered interior designs.

ClassIN - Casa Dana Szabo
ClassIN – Casa Dana Szabo
ClassIN - Casa Filip
ClassIN – Casa Filip

ClassIN is the result of the merger between Camelia Şucu’s business expertise in design spanning over 20 years and Genoveva Hossu’s extensive experience and ample portfolio of interior design projects. It addresses both professionals in the interior design industry, and clients who appreciate beauty, function and quality.

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It is true that a single object can inspire a whole design project, but from idea to interior it is a whole chain: of expertise, of connections, of processes, of people.

ClassIN - Dr. P. Duplex
ClassIN – Dr. P. Duplex
ClassIN - EM
ClassIN – EM

ClassIN sets up a community that takes the concept of “design thinking” to another level. Architects, designers and decorators, called suggestive, strategic partners of ClassIN, come together with impressive portfolios to make a difference at the level of the Romanian design. They join the projects, but most importantly, allies visions and expertise so that you, the handsome consumer, enjoy the creative synergy that guides the entire interior design industry in the same direction. They are trying together that what they call an integrated product has a guarantee of consistency, quality, common sense and good taste.

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ClassIN - Orion Design
ClassIN – Orion Design
ClassIN - Penthouse Floreasca
ClassIN – Penthouse Floreasca

ClassIN creates this creative power hub and puts it at the fingertips, starting with an impressive collection of projects signed by the best architects, designers and decorators – strategic partners of ClassIN.

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Interior design projects bearing the ClassIN signature are inextricably linked to the identity of a complex design service aggregate made available for the client. With a careful eye to needs and another to creativity, their architects and designers transform every space into an extension of their personality and give it an original, luxurious, reinterpreted dimension that extravagantly spoils the clients while they at home. This “home” is the leitmotif of all ClassIN appearances and the ultimate goal of every project they engage in.


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