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AhrbomPartner - Spelbomskan

Ahrbom and Partner business as it currently is started in 1999. The firm has its origin and a traditional way of working ever since 1960s. Per and Ann-Charlotte Ahrbom worked with Peter Celsing until his death in 1974. Per Ahrbom then joined and formed the office Ahrbom Fahlsten Henriksson and Jensfelt (AFHJ).

Ahrbom and Partner - Spelbomskan
Ahrbom and Partner – Spelbomskan

In autumn 2015, Ahrbom and Partner was commissioned, together with the Real Estate Office and the Education Administration, to investigate the possibilities of housing school activities with room for 190 high school students in the building. In August 2018, the building was completed and the tenant, the School of Observatory, could move in.

Ahrbom and Partner - Norrkopingstingsratt
Ahrbom and Partner – Norrkopingstingsratt

Norrköping’s district court has a great need for new premises as the existing ones do not live up to the current requirements of a modern district court. The National Courts Administration is therefore looking for a suitable site in a good location in Norrköping for a new building. On behalf of Hemfosa Real Estate, Ahrbom & Partner has produced a proposal for a new district court in Norrköping. The proposed site is included in the site. The president and owned by Hemfosa.

For 12 years, this office carried out a number of large and small projects and during this time several of the current partners were employed. In 1999, Ahrbom and Partner was established as a conscious commitment to continuity and continued the good development of the office.

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Ahrbom and Partner - T30 Urban Escape
Ahrbom and Partner – T30 Urban Escape

The property Trollhättan 30 is part of an ambitious and comprehensive urban transformation project that takes a holistic approach to the neighborhood between Regeringsgatan and Brunkebergstorg. Trollhättan 30 has an outstanding location in central Stockholm, at the junction between Hamngatan and Regeringsgatan, between Sergels Torg and Kungsträdgården. The project is the result of a desire for a broader range of functions, than what the block is capable of today. An important ambition is to open up the neighborhood and create more connections in order to contribute to a more vibrant and safer city life, as well as to create a more inviting building that invites the city and helps to transform Regeringsgatan into a more active and interesting street space.

Ahrbom and Partner - Main Library KTHB
Ahrbom and Partner – Main Library KTHB

At the end of the 1990s, Ahrbom & Partner designed the new library at KTH Campus – KTHB – which was inaugurated in the spring of 2002. The library, which is located in Erik Lallersted’s building-marked laboratory building “The Bone Bone” from 1917, was provided with a new glazed entrance building against Osquars hill. The project’s main idea was to recreate the original laboratory building that was rebuilt during the 1950s and thus also the sequence of farms that were central to the original urban planning proposal for KTH. KTHB was awarded the Helgopriset, the ROT prize and the Guldstolen. After the inauguration in 2002, the library quickly became a popular meeting and study venue and over the years has hosted a large number of external events, such as conferences, presidential visits and the World Cup in computer programming.

Ahrbom and Partner architectural work is imbued with the continuity which arises through decades of work. They are proud of their buildings constructions and their clients’ support their projects for Ahrbom and Partner believe that no house can be good without an ambitions and committed client.

Ahrbom and Partner architectural view is very modernist. They believe in and always want to create modern, contemporary architecture. Their buildings change to adapt with the times, thus always having a true modern architecture.

Ahrbom and Partner - Ull's House
Ahrbom and Partner – Ull’s House

Ull’s house is the last of the four major new projects within the Campus Ultuna. The others are MVM, Biocentrum and VHC. Ull’s house includes a new main entrance for the Campus Ultuna, premises for SLU’s central management and administration, premises for a new community-oriented cluster, Landscape and Society, and new teaching facilities as a complement to the existing teaching house. The cluster includes the Department of City and Country, which, among other things, educates landscape architects, and the department of finance.

Ahrbom and Partner - Old Parliment House
Ahrbom and Partner – Old Parliment House

Ahrbom and Partner have for the Swedish National Property Board drawn up a new office in the Old Parliament House in Aron Johansson’s extension from 1911. The project comprises rebuilding premises in floor 2 and dividing into plan 1. The Old Parliament House is a larger property that has been built for several centuries and where the oldest part of the property is a medieval Franciscan monastery. Between 1834-1905, the building served as Sweden’s first assembled Riksdag, ie the first building in which Sweden’s parliament had permanent premises before the move to its current location on Helgeandsholmen.

A retrained attitude towards design makes Ahrbom and Partner’s projects rational and preferably built around a systematic mind-set where functions and program requirements rather than give architectural frame to the projects. Through it interesting projects, the office has always attracted talented employees, and still does to this day.

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Ahrbom and Partner - Lava Library and Workshop - The Culture House
Ahrbom and Partner – Lava Library and Workshop – The Culture House

The new Lava has a completely new focus with partly new activities such as libraries with the text in focus. The sense of library and the function of the workshop calls for creativity and forms the new Lava. When the new Lava is made visible to Sergel’s square and the city, the original idea of ​​the “open house” where people and events are projected against the wall “the screen” is also completed in this part of the house. The open house, open always and for everyone!

Ahrbom and Partner - Sparreska Palaset and Kammarätten's House
Ahrbom and Partner – Sparreska Palaset and Kammarätten’s House

The Sparreska Palace from the 17th century and the House of Appeal’s House from 1806 is today the residence of the Chamber of Appeal. During the 1970s, both buildings underwent a thorough renovation and rebuilding. As a basis for the work, there have been studies of building historical report from the City Museum and care programs from SFV, as well as preliminary studies of accessibility.

Ahrbom and Partner undertake assignments of varying characters. The characters can be competitions, program investigations and project planning and apply to plan issues, houses and furnishings. Projects so far have included colleges, libraries, theatres, museums, homes, offices, hotels, shops, restaurants and interiors.

Ahrbom and Partner - St Botvidsgarden
Ahrbom and Partner – St Botvidsgarden

St Botvid’s burial ground at Albysjön in Huddinge municipality was inaugurated in 1956. Chapel and economy buildings were designed by Sture Frölén and finished in 1961 and a serving building was inaugurated in 1971. The serving building, which served the facility with funeral coffee and simpler serving, burned down to the foundation in the summer of 2012, after which a Decisions on reconstruction were made.

Ahrbom and Partner - Skrapangalleria
Ahrbom and Partner – Skrapangalleria

The “scraper” consists of several different parts; new mall, office, student housing, housing, restaurant and sky bar. Paul Hedqvist’s 50s plant has been supplemented with a residential / business house south of Skrapan, a new entrance building in glass towards Götgatan, and a sky bar on the top.

Ahrbom and Partner ambition is to maintain a high quality in what they do and take advantage of every project’s prerequisites for long-term and sustainable solutions. All projects they work with contribute to the development within the office and provide experiences which Ahrbom and Partner brings with them into future projects. They are convinced that quality and environment are strongly interconnected and that care for the environment contributes to quality and quality and care contribute to a good environment.

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