Kris Turnbull – An Interior Design Wonderland

How does Kris Turnbull creates his artwork?

We will show you how through one of his designs. A beautiful country house in Broughshane, Northern Ireland.

kris turnbull

Country House Exterior

For Kris Turnbull, interior design can be an eclectic harmony between different periods of time, style and design. Influenced by a mix that can “vary between classical textiles and modern lifestyle to create the ultimate living environment”.

Coming from a creative family Kris, has been exposed to art since he was born. With several award winning developments and even one project done for The Royal Family, Kris Turnbull Studios, based in Belfast, is one of the most coveted design studios in the UK and Europe, that approaches every new project with a personal service, working hand in hand with their clients to achieve the result that best fits the clients wants and needs.

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Kitchen | Dining Room

By applying this deep blue handmade kitchen, with brass hinges and handles and the use of a more modern surroundings Kris Turnbull made great example of yin yang of modern and classic.

Living Room

This re-built period home by Kris Turnbull Studios, followed the original footprint but with an extension of 3000sq ft, fit for a family’s day to day activities in an open space to allow bonding and interactions and furniture inspired in the surrounding nature of this country house, joined with plenty of natural light coming from large skylight ceilings.

Sitting Room

The use of semi-backless chairs, helps to give more perspective to the room by opening up the vision line. These statement pieces shake the classic look of the room my mixing it up with a more modern feel.

Drawing Room

In the original part of the house, the designer used a more classical look, with the furniture and style of the curtains inspiration coming from the Georgian Period. Making it a “wonderful eclectic mix of contemporary lifestyle & period charm”, that through the color palette Kris Turnbull Studios chose brings the perfect vibes to be an escape of the bustling outside world, bringing a sense of calmness and relaxation.



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