Design Inside – Best home interiors!

Design Inside is a group of Interior Designers in Chicago and Milwaukee who are passionate about helping their clients solve their home design challenges. They believe that their clients should live with the best home interiors, in a space that they love being in, and want to help them achieve that goal.

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Over the years, their team of interior designers in Chicago and Milwaukee have helped hundreds of home-owners design, remodel and decorate their condos, town homes and single family homes. For them, each project is unique and they work hard to ensure that they are designing a unique space that is specific for their clients needs, not copying and pasting a previously used design.

Design Inside - Best home interiors!

Kathryn & Bill Cherne started Design Inside back in 2006. They were dating at the time while Kathryn was in Interior Design School and Bill was working as an IT Consultant. One night, Kathryn was venting to Bill about her design job and swore to Bill that “one day” she would do things differently. That night, Bill filed the paperwork with the state of Illinois and Design Inside was born.

Fast forward a few years, now they are married, with twins, running a thriving interior design firm and loving every minute of it.

Design Inside - Best home interiors!

“Our goal is to help you take your a part of your home that you aren’t loving at the moment and transform it into a place that you will love for years to come.” – Design Inside

Check out their best home interior designs!

Design Inside - Best home interiors! Design Inside - Best home interiors!





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