Interior Design Trends: Top 10 Bar Chairs You Can’t Miss

The importance of bar chairs is not limited to its primary function. Bar chairs are fundamental to the ambience of your kitchen but can also help you to add a stylish touch to your living or dining room. This is why we decided to bring you 10 dazzling bar chairs on the heyday of interior design trends. We want to make sure your space feels comfortable as well as sophisticated and that it can integrate part of history and perpetrate it through the mix of graceful materials and exquisite colors.

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MALAY Bar Chair - interior design trends

Situated between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, the Malay Archipelago inspire the story told by the MALAY Bar Chair. A chair that combines the culture of Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore and remodels it into a synthetic leather chair filled with elegance, able to create an ambience full of energy. Its legs in lacquered and aged brass add to the piece an element of sophistication which would endure in your kitchen or living room.

Karoo Bar Chair - Interior Design Trends

The geography of the semi-arid Kalahari Desert in South Africa was the inspiration to our KAROO Bar Chair. The South African semi-desert that also extents itself in Botswana and Namibia was our encouragement to transform its essence into the components of our product by using cotton satin in its upholstery and ash with walnut stain matte varnish in its legs.

DAVIS Bar Chair - Interior Design Trends

The east coast of Antarctica is the home of the Davis Sea. This sea in the Southern Ocean was our inspiration to design the DAVIS Bar Chair. Its legs in ash with walnut stain matte varnish adds an element of sophistication and softness present in its velvet.

NUKA Bar Chair - Interior Design Trends
NUKA Bar Chair by Brabbu

American Last Frontier, another name for the american state of Alaska, owns an unique glacier that inspired this piece: Nuka. Nuka is recognize by its staggering beauty. The density of its ice inspired us to create a product that deciphers the splendure of nature.  The NUKA Bar Chair embodies upholstery in velvet and legs in glossy black lacquered. Its curved back guarantees that you will never go wrong by allowing this chair into your bar design.

IBIS Counter Stool - Interior Design Trends
IBIS Counter Stool by BRABBU

Wandering through the history of ancient Egypt, we find that the Ibis was a major object of worship. The gracefulness of this bird also inspired us to create a piece that would bring foward all of its grandeur. The IBIS Counter Stool picks up the element of elegance found in the bird’s long thin legs and presents a piece made out of cotton velvet upholstery. Its legs are crafted in ash with walnut stain matte varnish and its back is achieved with aged brass nailheads trim.

DALYAN Counter Stool - Interior Design Trends
DALYAN Counter Stool by BRABBU

If we think of how Cleopatra’s palace would look like nowadays, images of glamour and luxury will immediately come to mind. The last ruler of the hellenistic kingdom of Ptolemaic would certainly fill her place with the most extravagant furniture. The DALYAN Counter Stool was thought exactly to make you feel the same sensorial experience she would have felt by incorporating synthetic leather in our product, which allies perfectly with its legs in glossy black lacquer featuring glossy aged brass details. It would look astonishing in your kitchen decor.

NAJ Bar Chair - Interior Design Trends
NAJ Bar Chair by BRABBU

The natural cave of Naj Tunic was discovered in Guatemala in 1979. The Maya civilization used it as home to their pilgrimage rituals throughtout the Classic period. Inspired by this, we created the NAJ Bar Chair using upholstery in cotton velvet featuring nickeled nails. The legs are in ash with walnut stain matter varnish. By acquiring this piece you’ll not only be updated with the latest interior design trends but you will also fill your place with mesoamerican culture.

KANSAS BAR CHAIR - interior design trends

In the second half of the 19th century, cowboys were at the peak of their expansion to the west. After the end of the American Civil War until 1885, Kansas was visited by cowboys in the summer so the great American wilderness could be explored. Inspired by their legacy, we’ve created a product that represents both audacity and boldness, and although inspired by the 19th century it can still set interior design trends. The KANSAS Bar Chair is a button-tufted back chair and its upholstery lays on synthetic leather. Its legs are glossy black lacquered. It’s a living proof of American experience that will look ravishing as part of your home decor.

ZULU Counter Stool - Interior Design Trends
ZULU Counter Stool by BRABBU

History tells us that Africa was the place of origin of mankind. The Zulu are an ethnic group of Sub-Saraharan Africa and the largest in South Africa. Their traditions, cerimonial clothing and the click sounds of their language are just some of the characteristics that makes them special. They were the reason why we were encouraged to create the Zulu Counter Stool, a piece that recreats the Zulu culture in the shape of a bar chair. This button tufted stool is fully upholstered in cotton velvet, which would turn any room into an artifactual decore space.

NANOOK Bar Chair - Interior Design Trends

The NANOOK Bar Chair is inspired by the master of bears with the same name. The Nanook had the power to decide if the bear hunters were worthy of hunting polar bears. They strongly believed in animism, therefore they considered that bears were almost human. We created a product that is able to show the magnificence of this animal through the presence magnitude of a bar chair with a backrest featuring golden nailhead trim and a button detailing in its inner back. Its legs are in ash with walnut stain matte varnish and we can guarantee it will provide grandiosity into your living room or kitchen.


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