Fall Winter Interior design trends you can’t miss

A few weeks into September the world gets ready for some big changes. No more hot summer days, bathing suits or slushs: fall is here! Fall is particularly described by many 19th century poets as the season of melancholia, sensations and nature decay. The end of summer for many can be depressing, but there’s not a better way for you to welcome the new season with confidence and big expectations other than change the ambience around you. It’s important to feel cozy and comfortable because that will certanly help you reach a more positive attitude to face the new season and also prepare you for winter. With all of this in mind we decided to bring you the fall winter interior design trends you absolutely can’t miss.


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Comfort and ease in curved furniture

Laying in the living room after a tiring day is the most relaxing experience. We can only achive such state if we encounter the right elements to decorate our living room.

WALES SOFA by BRABBU - Interior Design Trends

What a better way to talk about interior design trends that with history? The WALES SOFA is one of our best solutions for this season. Inspired by the country’s history this sofa features upholstery in cotton velvet allied with a base in matte vintage brass. Its curved back is perfect for a sense of warmth and comfort and its golden polished naihead trim takes this protection and comfort to the most elegant level. In a piece inspired by the “Land of Castles”, chances are you’ll feel like you’re living in one.

EARTH Armchair by BRABBU - Interior Design Trends
EARTH Armchair by BRABBU

The EARTH Armchair is the ideal piece of furniture for you to include in your place no matter the season. But since weather conditions in seasons like fall and winter can makes us acknowlegde the importance and the strenght of mother Earth, your living room would look like the perfect canvas for the placement of this armchair. It breathes nature.

CHRAFT ECLETIC by BRABBU - Interior Design Trends

The warm tones of the CHRAFT ECLECTIC pillow will definitely bring an intimate ambience into your home and its material will only strengthen its power. Its made out of twills which will add a particular texture to your sofa. What a better way to sit back comfortably with a pillow inspired by those that made art their main purpose in life?

Fire and floor

MUSA by Foogo - Interior Design Trends
MUSA by Foogo

Literally the best way to warm up a place is with fire. The Musa Fireplace was created after the Mali emperor Mansa Musa, who was probably the richest man that has ever lived due to the gold production of his empire in the 14th century. Inspire by his legacy, MUSA features a brass structure that aligned with flames will certainly make you feel as powerful as Musa felt and allow you at the same time to feel warm and cozy. It’s a piece always present in interior design trends.

HIMBA Rug by BRABBU - Interior Design Trends

It’s important to fell comfortable not only in what surronds you but also on the floor you walk on. Baring this in mind, we present you the HIMBA Rug. Himba is an ethnic tribe living in Angola and Namibia. The tribe is defined by their semi-nomadic lifestyle and are remarkably famous for covering their body in otjize paste. They have strong survival skills and strong cultural beliefs. Based on their story, the HUMBA Rug is capable to bring the elements of earth and strenght to life and its materials are living proof of this. Made out of hand-knotted thin wool and with its warm colors, this red couloured rug is a fantastic option to bring warmth to a living room or a hallway.

Geometrical shapes

GERARD OCEAN Geometric - Interior Design Trends

Geometrical shapes provide an intelectual touch to your space. What if you could have in your place a piece that can remind you of Picasso’s art? This GERARD OCEAN Geometric pillow will certainly cause an impact based on its colors and patterns, and no words will be needed since it will speak for itself. They can suit your space whether it is modern or classic.

Neutral colors

If you’re not a fan of strong colors related to the fall winter seasons don’t worry. The interior design trends go beyond  that. You can always choose neutral colors and elements that will reflect the simplicity of nature into your place.

LURAY SIDE Table by BRABBU - Interior Design Trends

The LURAY SIDE Table was inspired by the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia and its legs are an accolade to stalactites. Its structure is made of aged brass and the table tops are in glossy palisander veneer and bronze glass.  It will help you to construct the perfect neutral space for a living room.

TELLUS BOLD Armchair by BRABBU - Interior Design Trends

The TELLUS BOLD Armchair is a product of fierceness. Tellus is the name of the Earth goddess in Roman mythology. It’s made of twill fabric, nail head trim and its back legs are manufactured in matte lacquered. Tellus is also frequently linked to fertility, making this piece a perfect addition to your neutral color or nature inspired space.

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