30 Rooftops to discover in Paris 2/2

Let’s continue our Top 30 of the best rooftops to discover in the french capital. You’ll find below 15 new addresses if you want to chill down, drinking a glass of wine and enjoy an incredible view.


16 – 43 Cocktail bar

43 Cocktail bar rooftop

On the top of the Hotel Holiday Inn of Notre Dame de Paris, the 43 Cocktail bar is one of the most expensive one of this top. 15 euros the cocktail and 10 euros the beer with a really low service. However, it is the price of the magnificient view you will enjoy and that will make you forgot all of those small troubles. If you wanna see the sunset, I advice you to book a table far before coming.

Where is the 43 Cocktail bar ?
4 Rue Danton,

Phone : 33181690060
Instagram account


17 – L’oiseau blanc

Oiseau blanc rooftop

The Oiseau blanc is the restaurant located at the 6th floor of the Hôtel Peninsula in Paris. Open for lunch and diner, the restaurant offer an amazing view on the most beautiful monuments of the capital. You can try there some typically french dishes prepared with season ingredients and drink a cup of wine high on the “cloud”. The restaurant also has a terrasse to discover during the summer period.

Where is the L’oiseau blanc ?
19 Avenue Kléber,

Phone : 33158126730
Instagram account


18 – Lounge Bar view

Lounge Bar View rooftop

The Lounge Bar View is a tapas restaurant located on the 7th floor and offering a panoramic view. The bar is one of those hidded places that we discover when we are not looking for them. Located in one of the most trendy quarter of Paris : Montaparnasse, the bar is only open during the summer period and offer art exhibitions, long chairs to relax and some tapas.


Where is the Lounge Bar view ?
257 Rue de Vaugirard,

Phone : 33140451290
Instagram account.


19 – Galerie Lafayette

Galleries Lafayette

No. We could not suspect that on the top of the Galeries Lafayette there is a balcony accessible by the public. This small cloud above Paris is called “La paillote et le Cube” and offer you to admire a marvellous sunset tasting a warm Chavignol salad with honey and a tasty cup of wine.


Where are the Galeries Lafayette ?
40 Boulevard Haussmann,

Phone : 33142823456
Instagram account


20 – Sardignac sur le toit

Sardignac sur le toit

Sardignac sur le toit is a 400 square meters bar on the top of the cinema Etoile Lila. The place offers you to enjoy a cocktail protected by an umbrella for the afternoon and to taste a good whiskie for the aperitive while you watch a football match or a concert.


Where is  Sardignac sur le toit ?
2 Place du Maquis du Vercors

Phone : 33970386099
Instagram account




21 – Point éphémére

Point éphémère rooftop

Le Point éphémère is an experimental place. Created by the association Usines éphémères who, since 1987, redesign abandoned places into artistic ones. Point Ephémère was founded in 2004 and use 1 400 square meters of surface. On the top, you’ll find a bar restaurant that doesn’t hesitate to experiment all kind of cuisines.


Where is the Point éphémère ?
200 Quai de Valmy,

Phone : 33140340248
Instagram Account


22 – Le louxor

A rooftop on the cinema

Exactly at the place where the cinema Le Louxor is, you will also find a bar on the rooftop. Hidded, unknown (until now) and with a chilled and relax ambiance, it is a spot you will discover by hasard. It is possible to access it every evening when the place isn’t full to take the aperitive, drink some mojitos and eat some tapas with the view on the Sacré Coeur.


Where is Le louxor ?
170 Boulevard de Magenta,

Phone : 33144639698
Instagram account


23 – Jardins suspendus

High garden rooftop

Les jardins suspendus as its name tell us, are high gardens on the top of the parisian roofs. With grass, some palmtrees and a bar, it is the perfect place to enjoy the end of an afternoon with some friends. During the week end, the place can be open until 2:00am which promice beautiful nights under the stars.


Where are the Jardins suspendus ?
In front of the 40, Rue d’Oradour-sur-Glane,

Instagram account


24 – Hôtel des Grands Boulevards

Hôtel des Grands Boulevards

The Hôtel des Grands Boulevards is after all an hôtel with rooms, suites, a restaurant and a bar inside. However, the Experimantal Cocktail Club that created it decided to build on the top of its hotel a new space imaginated by the really trendy Dorothée Meilichzon. On the top of the parisian buildings, you can try a cocktail (from 11€) or a glass of rosé (from 8€).


Where is the l’Hôtel des Grands Boulevards  ?
17 Boulevard Poissonniere,

Phone : 33185733333


25 – Le Ladda

Le Ladda rooftop

The Ladda is a roof but it is not a bar like all the others ones. The Ladda is a care institut offering a panoramic view on the capital made to enjoy, not wine, but a massage, skin cares or yoga courses. The 2 hours massage cost the delicious price of 200€ but you will still take advantage of the splendid view.


Where is Le Ladda ?
32 rue du paradis

Phone : 33140220712
Instagram account


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26 – Observatoire Panoramique de la tour Montparnasse

Montparnasse tower rootfop

The Montparnasse  tower isn’t beloved by parisian, even if she appear on the movie with the same name. It is here the highest building of Paris. Consequently, the view offered on its top is breathtaking. The balcony at the 56th floor of the building is accessible in 38 secondes thanks to the quicker european elevator. The rooftop is the Panoramique Observatory equiped by glasses from where are visible all the best monuments of Paris.


Where is the l’Observatoire Panoramique de la tour Montparnasse?
33 Avenue du Maine,

Instagram account


27 – Perruche

Perruche bar

The high garden La Perruche is litteraly open from the morning until the night. Let’s begin on the morning from 9:35am to 11:30am for the breakfast. Then, we can lunch from midday to 3:00pm, and take the snacking from 3:00pm to 6:00pm. Finally you can enjoy your diner from 7:00pm to midnight. The place can still stay open until 2:00am to allow you to take full advantage of this breathtaking view of the City of Lights at night.


Where is the Perruche ?
2 Rue du Havre,

Phone : 33142826000
Instagram account


28 – Zyriab

Zyriab rooftop

The Zyriab has a name full of arabic sonorities, the reason ? It is the bar on the top of the Institut of the arabic world, created by the famous french architect Jean Nouvel. The restaurant, owned by Nourea wish to offer to its clients a typical lebanese grastronomical cuisines. Something to satisfy fully your mouth if you have oriental desires.


Where is the Zyriab ?
9th level of the Institut du Monde Arabe, 1 Rue des Fossés Saint-Bernard,

Phone : 33155425542


29 – Le W

Warwick rooftop

Member of the French Association of the Maitres Restaurateurs, the W is the balcony of the Warwick Paris, an hotel of the Berri street in the center of Paris. The restaurant promise to its clients a home-made cuisine with local products. From the top of the hotel, you will see the Eiffel Tower and plenty of others monuments of our dear capital.


Where is the W?
5 rue de Berri

Phone : 33145618208


30 – Philarmonie – Le balcon

Philarmonie rooftop

Frédéric Druot is the architect of this small pearl that is the Balcon on the roof of the Philarmonie of Paris. Divided in several spaces, the bar, the balcony, the restaurant, the place offer some 180 seats. The contemporary background of the reaturant promise an experimental bistronomic cuisine. Something to make your mouth enjoy before going to watch some concerts inside the Philarmonie.


Where is the Philarmonie – Le balcon?
221 Avenue Jean Jaurès,

Phone : 33140323001
Instagram account