Dreamy Modern Interior Design House in Asturias, Spain

Dreamy Modern Interior Design House in Asturias, Spain | You’ll get your mouth wide open with this project! Our BRABBU team have seen many magnificent works, but this particulate one is incredible. Especially because it’s a personal project, without any knowledge of decoration or interior design.

Soha, does not have any training in the field of interior design and yet has created a spectacular luxury house in Asturias demonstrating the masterful use of space and an exquisite choice of pieces and colors, like the top designers of the world!

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We talked to her to know how she has achieved this amazing result at her home and to get some interior design tips.

We know you’re not interior designer or decorator, but you make projects like a true professional. Where does this interest in the world of design come from?

– I’ve always liked the design. Since I was a student I have always tried to do my own designs, either in the houses I’ve rented or purchased. I gained experience through the trial and error. If I had to relive my life I think I would become a designer and not a banker. I also had a lot of help in terms of interior architecture with a very talented designer named Luis Wehbe, with whom I have worked over the years in a number of projects. He is Lebanese but based in Dubai, and helped me in terms of distribution and the real architecture of the place. He traveled to Spain on several occasions and made me very detailed drawings. It was quite funny because he does not speak Spanish and people in Asturias do not speak English, so it was very difficult, but we got it.

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Are you proud of this project? We know you have finished it in a record time of 7 months.

– I am very proud of this project by the record time, as well as to be able to gather so many design elements. This is a protected area so we could not do much outside and was more work inside the house. I’m totally in love with the results.

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What were the biggest difficulties you found?

– The difficulties were finding responsible people for the construction. I was lucky with some, but very unlucky with others. Overall, we managed to found a way; however, it remains to be a problem in terms of little things we have yet to solve.

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Why did you choose this house in Asturias? What caught you the most?

– We have spent the last four years in Asturias in a beautiful rented house during the summer. I was looking to buy from the first month I came, because I fell in love with the landscape and people. I looked at dozens and dozens of houses before finding this place. What I needed was a large space and a view. It was quite difficult to find a house that has a large built area. We were very fortunate to find the perfect combination in this chalet. I love Asturias, I think it is the most magnificent place on Earth. I love the fact that it is so unknown.

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What was your inspiration to do this project?

– I am myself a great mix of different cultures and I really wanted to make sure that the house had that sense of international cultures and different themes. With the foundation, I always work with a palette of neutral colors and then add pieces to bring showy character. I believe in a neutral palette and adding interesting pieces as well. I love art and so, therefore, there will be a lot of interesting pieces of art. In addition to furniture and accessories that acts as a counterpart to the neutral base.

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You have used some of the most unique pieces of Boca do Lobo. Why this brand?

– Adding interesting pieces is what gives character to a place. I’ve always done it. Boca Do Lobo is an amazing brand that has the most unique pieces. They really are amazing. The point is that you cannot overload a place with too many exuberant pieces … So it has to be a balance between their use. I have always liked Boca do Lobo, they are truly unique and special.

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How was the relationship between you and Boca do Lobo?

– They are incredibly professional. Immediately, they answered all my questions and were able to change the dimensions of the pieces in response to my request. They do not cling to their default sizes and could work with me extensively. I’ve been very lucky because there are a number of companies that have helped me in a similar way … In Spain, Portugal, Italy, Lebanon and India.

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¡Thank you very much Soha!


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