Design Talks with Fernanda Marques

As you may know if you are following BRABBU’s Blog subjects, we have a rubric where we interview renowned interior designers, architects and artists. Many names were already featured and today our guest interviewed is Fernanda Marques, a Brazilian Architect with worldwide projects.


1. Let’s start the interview with what is one of the most interesting questions which can be made to you. Architect, but with a multidisciplinary capacity, do you believe that when designing a house, should be the responsibility of the architect to project as well the interiors, considering as well the decor?

Let’s say that this would be the ideal situation, but it is not always essential. Architecture and interiors may or may not be interdependent. In my case, when I have to deal with the task of carrying out interiors for my colleagues projects, I try to delve in the major guidelines and particular characteristics of each project in order to provide the best possible solution.  And I expect the same from them regarding my projects.

Design Talks with Fernanda Marques

2. Being an architect, what made you extend your studio to different disciplines other than architecture?

I must say that my training at the Faculdade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo de São Paulo had a multidisciplinary approach and training in design, landscaping, visual communication, development of buildings and urban design.

Inevitably I conceive my projects with all these disciplines in mind, so that was a matter of time to get closer to each one of them. They coexist in all my works, though sometimes the emphasis is on a particular subject. When designing a bench, for example, I think in the environment that will contain it or in its relationship with the urban environment, in case of an external application.

Design Talks with Fernanda Marques

3. What do you love the most in your job?

Fundamentally, the uniqueness of each project and the constant evolution of the constructive possibilities. No work will ever be equal and the possibility of creating motivates and excites me.

Design Talks with Fernanda Marques

4. Where do you get inspiration?

In everything that happens around me, basically. But directly in Art and Design, two key components in my training.

Design Talks with Fernanda Marques

5. Who are the architects and/or interior designers that you consider as reference?

There are so many and vary in time and space. Two names, one from the past and another from the present were fundamental: the German Mies Van der Rohe and the Iraqi Zaha Hadid.

Design Talks with Fernanda Marques

6. In general, what would you say is the strongest skill of your studio and how did you developed it over time?

I would say that my projects run from architecture to address other dimensions of human experience, especially Art and Design.

7. Have you seen your work to be recognized with an award? If so, what award?

Yes. Among the most recent: The Design Awards, Honoree in the Best of Year Interior Design Award and recently in Property Awards.


8. We’ve met your work through a project that you developed in London for an apartment (London Penthouse). Can you explain the creative process behind this apartment?

My goal was to create a refuge where a young couple of collectors and their two children could relax, live in harmony with their collection of art and design pieces and at the same time feeling at home in the cosmopolitan district of Belgravia, in central London.

My clients were keen to rely on ideal conditions of exposure of their consistent collection of art and design furniture and thus, my biggest challenge was finding the balance between the collection, design furniture and a home’s daily life. This required a careful study of materials and colors used in the interiors as well as free walls in sufficient number.


9. When decorating an interior, which textures, materials and colors you prefer?

The key is that they are strongly connected. Whether to create contrasts or suggest gentle nuances.

Design Talks with Fernanda Marques

10. Is there any product design brand / furniture you prefer? Why so?

Fundamentally, what interests me the most it’s the authenticity, regardless of the product. It’s the one thing I require.

11. Is there any interesting project you are working at the moment that you can share with us?

Yes, I am developing an apartment in Miami inspired by Brazilian art and design and I am developing as well a knob for a major Italian producer of the sector.

I have as well a novelty in Lisbon soon.

12.   Despite your studio being based in Brazil you also work abroad. What are the challenges you face to internationalize your work or how is its process?

I’m starting, but I feel that the receptivity is good. About the obstacles I believe they can be circumvented. A project must be above all, an act of enthusiasm and, once with it, they are diluted.

13. Usually do you attend any design or architecture trade show? If so, which and why?

Yes, I annually attend the Milan and London design fairs and eventually Paris. In addition, Art Basel in Switzerland and Miami are two mandatory addresses. As well as the Art biennales of Venice and Sao Paulo, among others. Being updated is an essential tool in order to always do our best in our profession.

Design Talks with Fernanda Marques 1

Hope you enjoyed as much as us the new design talk with Fernanda Marques. There’s a lot of good professionals from Brazil, and Fernanda Marques is one great example of the great architects and interior designers from Brazil.



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