TOP 5 Restaurants to Dine in Stockholm

TOP 5 Restaurants to Dine in Stockholm TOP 5 Restaurants to Dine in Stockholm mathias dahlgren matsalen1

Did the destiny, motivation or taste for design bring you to the Swedish capital, during Stockholm Design Week? You won’t certainly leave the city without knowing what the best local restaurants have to offer you. Prepare your taste buds, because you will want to return as soon as possible.
Below you can find our top 5 restaurants in the city: we took into account the diversity of cuisine, offered comfort, decor, international wine list, and recommendation under the trustworthy banner of Michelin stars.


Classicism and modernism meet together on a parisian style, Operakallaren restaurant. TOP 5 Restaurants to Dine in Stockholm TOP 5 Restaurants to Dine in Stockholm Opera

The Parisian classicism is present in historic Operakällaren: currently one of the most famous and opulent restaurants in city, it displays impressive wood carvings, elegant chandeliers, enabling a visit to the times and influences left by the French.
Apart from the decor, the kitchen and cooking practices also show a little savoir-faire of the French, together with Swedish traditions, whether in classic or modern gourmet interpretations. The most frequent visitors look for homemade specialties, like smoked eel or reindeer, accompanied by Swedish red caviar. Another must of the restaurant is the diverse culinary preparations from typical Nordic salmon.
The atmosphere inside provides extensive range opportunities, with cocktail bars, wine cellar, room events and meetings, all to give the customer an experience to be remembered.


This restaurant have a universal cuisine, mixed on flavors, colors and careful selection of food  TOP 5 Restaurants to Dine in Stockholm TOP 5 Restaurants to Dine in Stockholm BS Esperanto web 02

Your visit to Stockholm will cause you a stimulus for all the senses, and The Esperanto will be no different: a real treat for your vision, taste and smell.
If it were possible to identify a single word for this restaurant, universality would be it. In two? You can add modern. All dishes are defined according to the mix of flavours, originality, mild in flavour, and above all, careful selection of food, respecting nature.
Dishes ordered by admirers of this restaurant, ranges from seafood – like langoustines with porcini, foie gras and frozen hazelnut – to meat – like duck with pears and artichoke from Jerusalem.
Accompanying the exquisite tasting of all signature-dishes, there’s a whole staff to advise you on the best choices regarding not only the dishes but also the ideal wine, to let you enjoy any meal without mixing flavors. Definitely a must go.

Mathias Dahlgren

Natural cooking is the Mathias Dahlgren's gastronomic philosophy. TOP 5 Restaurants to Dine in Stockholm TOP 5 Restaurants to Dine in Stockholm mathias2

In any urban and cosmopolitan city, the restaurants stand out by decorating the space, food quality, professionalism of staff. In Mathias Dahlgren-Matsalen, gastronomic philosophy is who scores points. Natural Cooking is the secret.
In a comfortable and relaxing environment, simplicity can coordinate all dishes, with a combination of explosive and fantastic colours and flavours, sauces worthily evolved, with mixed textures, making them even more irresistible by itself, and even more suspicious for the eyes.
The naturalness of the ingredients and their global influences provide a short journey by tasting its flavor. Scandinavian Sashimi, fried lamb with kidney, broccoli and sage and salmon tartare with apple cream are some of the dishes that you can find in the menu.
Need more arguments to visit this restaurant? Chef Mathias Dahlgren won the cooking contest Bocuse D’or for four times, won a Michelin star, and restaurant menus are presented on individual iPads. A small electronic fun


Contemporary decor, relaxing atmosphere, green decor and 12 plates.What else you wish for? TOP 5 Restaurants to Dine in Stockholm TOP 5 Restaurants to Dine in Stockholm f122

The creations by F12 restaurant are remarkable, a real culinary adventure. The fusion of textures and flavors are much the style created by the chefs in their combinations. The menu is divided between the Swedish innovation and traditionalism.
In traditional options emerge as meals: seafood with saffron; beef carpaccio with parmesan. As for the innovative, the F12 offers tuna tataki with mango slices and cream and caviar served with cauliflower and white chocolate – it’s true, welcome to gourmet cuisine
The menu of F12 has 12 dishes, thereby allowing a meal every 3 hours, 3 hours and a half. Contemporary decor with a relaxing atmosphere, contemplated by different shades of green. Even the dress of employees, is not neglected, that blends perfectly with the environment. Nothing is left aside.

Den Gyldene Freden 

One of the oldest restaurants in full operation in Stockholm. Here you can taste the traditional old fashioned swedish cuisine. TOP 5 Restaurants to Dine in Stockholm TOP 5 Restaurants to Dine in Stockholm P1170230

One of the oldest restaurants, and yet in full operation in Stockholm. This choice was made to reward the traditionalism of the local cuisine. An establishment erected at the beginning of the eighteenth century, continues with its rustic style in shades of coffee.
It is known to have been frequented by artists of all arts, including poet Carl Michael Bellman or by composer Evert Taube. The Swedish Academy is currently the owner of the restaurant.
As we talk about traditionalism, nothing is like having in the table a fresh salmon from the Baltic. But not only the time resistance is the best proof of this restaurant. There are also choices to bring lovers of modernism, who can choose between duck breast with sautéed pumpkin, beef carpaccio with goat cheese, drizzled with citrus sauce.

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