London calling 100% Design

London calling 100% Design London calling 100% Design 100 Design FAIR

Venice Biennale, Maison&Objet, Interieur, Conjunct Design, Decorex, 100% Design – Europe will simmer and transform the design world over the fairs that take place next months. The best brands, the most incredible novelties, designers, architects, artists, photographers and journalists, an entire continent shrouded in shapes, lines, curves, colors, lights and textures.

We’ve talked about the “promises” of Maison&Objet, and after September 11, our plane goes straight to London. Prepare the umbrellas and some disposition for the brit rock nights, ‘cause on September 19 starts 100% Design.

It will be four days of exhibitions and seminars with experts in the field and we made a list of what you can not miss:

Vitra will be at stand L210

A brand of furniture design that is a benchmark in the world will bring innovations to the Queen´s land. Founded in 1986 in Switzerland, Vitra’s main inspiration was the famous North American Eames, and if you do not remember well of what we’re talking about, click here and see that you surely already knew a piece of this brand. Over the 26 years of existence, many icons of the design were released under the label Vitra, and the expectation is big for checking what’s to come here.

London calling 100% Design London calling 100% Design vitra e1346342091714

Boca do Lobo will be at stand L1

They are from Portugal, and certainly are different of everything you’ve seen when the subject is furniture design. Boca do Lobo’s pieces are trully works of art that blend traditional and contemporary designs and translate it into furniture for sophisticated, stylish and avant-garde tastes.

London calling 100% Design London calling 100% Design boca do lobo diamond e1346342212382

Magis spa will be at stand L50

The Magis spa comes to represent the whole tradition of Italian design in London. The company founded in 1976, currently exports to 80 countries and shows that time does not let it be disheartened. Despite 36 years of tradition, the Magis continues to launch modern pieces that are full of personality and world references in design.

London calling 100% Design London calling 100% Design Magis Proust Sessel orange frei e1346342428131

Delightfull will be at stand L1

Another Portuguese brand goes to London to show that the market of design has many promises of success in that country. Delightfull lead to 100% Design your line of fixtures that is inspired by the greatest musicians of the 50’s, 60’s, 70´s and 80’s. With sophisticated pieces and a clean design, the brand brings floor, wall and ceiling lamps with modern, customizable, creative and untold proposals.

London calling 100% Design London calling 100% Design delightfull billy 05 e1346342573710

Not Only White will be at stand K7

The Dutch brand lead for the third time to 100% Design the line of products for bathroom and kitchen, and as it did on other editions, will use the fair as a platform to conduct launches of both lines. Who is interested in know what are the trends in this area can not lose.

London calling 100% Design London calling 100% Design not only white e1346342808625

So … London calling. Let’s pack our bags and met the queen!

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