Flying Kebab

Flying Kebab Flying Kebab Flying Kebab

Internet shows are plenty, but this one is different. It’s a single camera perspective on anthropological experiment, a personal journey and an entrancing adventure.

Flying Kebab is the story of Nando, a Brazilian man whose distant heritage takes him to Lebanon after receiving a mysterious letter.

“They left me a will, but I don’t know what it is”. It’s all he knew, the rest he could only imagine, or hope, but a leap or – as one might argue – greed took him across the Atlantic as fast as he could.

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The soundtrack as well as the destination was Beirut. Throughout the 7 episodes Samir’s mysterious letter forces him to cross paths with strangers that he, in fact, depends on to continue.

The end goal of acquiring a fortune is not as noble as it is a depicting of how far a person is willing to go achieve his goals.

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#1 Flying Kebab – Pilot from Matheus Siqueira on Vimeo.

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