The Jazz of the Solid Wood Flooring Industry: Parquet Wood Flooring

Flooring isn’t something you often think about. It’s like gravity or the air we breathe, it’s there but we only notice it when there’s something different about it. We call parquet wood flooring ‘The Jazz’ of the solid wood flooring industry because unlike a traditional solid wood floor it gets noticed! They are so hip they’ve even made waves into the indie-pop scene. Have you heard of Parquet Courts? They’re a new band from  Brooklyn, New York that have named themselves after this particular kind of flooring and they are so very cool. If you want flooring that will make heads turn, pull more focus to your brilliant home and make a statement like no floor has done before, read on.

The Jazz of the Solid Wood Flooring Industry Parquet Wood Flooring-Herringbone floor dark wood
Parquet wood flooring is also so very versatile, We’ve seen parquet flooring the size of a ballroom and as small as a spare bathroom, although, no matter what the size or shape, parquet wood flooring has never failed to impress us.

The parquetry inlay technique is also used on furniture or decorative items, especially in the Middle East and India. They have been making parquet floors and artwork for centuries.

You may be familiar with the most common of parquet wood floors, the herring bone. You’ll find this in many homes across the United Kingdom.

You may also know the parquet floors from your favourite basketball team’s court. Those fancy pants ball players in America have so many Parquet courts, with teams like Boston Celtics, Orlando Magic, Minnesota Timberwolves, Denver Nuggets and New Jersey Nets all sporting a lovely patterned floor.

The Jazz of the Solid Wood Flooring Industry Parquet Wood Flooring-Celtics TD Garden floor

What kind of parquet floor will you buy?

There are so many choices of timber and pattern to choose and each has that funky jazz styling. From the unique to the common parquet they are all so cool! To help choose your parquet wood flooring, websites like this are a good start: The Solid Wood Flooring Company.

Use websites like this to find a pattern, type of timber or a look that you like. They can give useful information on the floors you are looking to purchase. Good stores and websites will usually send you a sample of the flooring too. Which, like tester paint can give you a good idea of what your new floor might look like.

Take care of your parquet

If you’ve bought yourself a parquet wood floor, you must be a happy chap. But now you have to look after your floor. You’ve worked too hard to have it ruined the moment it’s been laid.

The good news is that Parquet wood flooring doesn’t require a lot of maintenance; you won’t have to get a specialist to come out and look at it every couple of years. You just have to keep it clean. Brushing and mopping are the way to go about this; a light weight vacuum will also be okay. Just be careful not to scratch the floor with it, heavy vacuums are a no as they are criminal for scratching nice floors.

The Jazz of the Solid Wood Flooring Industry Parquet Wood Flooring-wood flooring

Enjoy ‘The Jazz’ solid wood flooring industry for yourself.

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