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World’s Best Luxury Airlines

Luxury airlines: We are sure when you decide to travel, especially to destinations that take several hours to arrive, you prefer a comfortable seat, leg room, nice amenities, and all those little things that indeed make difference when you are closed in a airplane for hours. A wide menu choice from world’s most known cuisines styles, plenty of beverages to choose from, flat Tv’s, internet on board, private suites, that is what nowadays luxury airlines offer to their most demanding clients in order to make their journey more enjoyable. Surprised?

We now present you the world’s best airlines that take luxury to thousands of feet above skyline. From Europe to Asia, there are luxury airplanes that we would probably want to fly in.

Singapore Airlines – is the second largest airline in the world and it has been awarded multiple times by its excellent costumer service.

World's Best Luxury Airlines luxury airlines World’s Best Luxury Airlines Singapore Airlines 1

Emirates – based in Dubai, this airline is the largest airline in Middle East.

World's Best Luxury Airlines - Emirates luxury airlines World’s Best Luxury Airlines EMIRATES AIRLINES 2

Cathay Pacific Airways -is considered to be one of the best airlines in the world and its based in Hong Kong, flying for more than 90 destinations around the world.

World's Best Luxury Airlines - Cathay Pacific luxury airlines World’s Best Luxury Airlines cathay pacific 3

Etihad – is the nacional and second largest airline of the United Arab Emirates, based in Abu Dhabi.

World's Best Luxury Airlines - Ethiad  luxury airlines World’s Best Luxury Airlines Ethiad 4

Virgin Atlantic – is one of the biggest airlines in the United Kingdom.

World's Best Luxury Airlines - Virgin Atlantic luxury airlines World’s Best Luxury Airlines virgin atlantic 61

Thai Airlines – a international airline that will take you to beautiful destinations not only in Thailand but also in Asia.

World's Best Luxury Airlines - Thai luxury airlines World’s Best Luxury Airlines thai airlines 71

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