Muriel Brandolini's moment
Muriel Brandolini’s moment
Posted March 14, 2013

The multicultural never dictated rules in any art. The only exception is that it release us, makes us bold, insightful, more open-mind with what surrounds us. Muriel Brandolini has this “no conventionalism.”. With a background so diverse and culturally rich, facilitated and influenced her fancy style, exotic, a trully and authentic chimera. Let’s see the details. We add a dash of Caribbean, Asian and a little European powders touch to finish… et voila!

Muriel Brandolini's moment

Exposed from an early age to the fashion privileges, architecture and design, Paris was the source she needed to prove the future before her. This melting pot, is her cover letter in the world of interiors, the breadth of styles that dominate their projects, which combines classicism with contemporary. It was, is and will be, the premise to a public recognition.

Muriel Brandolini looks to sophistication and dynamism of the colors, textures and patterns, as well as furniture.

The projects are scored as a true Swiss swatch, no detail is overlooked, follows a very simple and unique mechanical, just looking at the sophistication and dynamism of the colors, textures and patterns, as well as furniture.

Brandolini’s signature, includes fabric walls, patchwork, unusual juxtapositions, color combinations

We can contemplate the world of Brandolini, at profiles more selective in how homes or apartments with slightly larger proportions. In Brandolini’s signature, are included fabric walls, patchwork, unusual juxtapositions, color combinations, often sublime, and some treasures most significant of its origin, as the bamboo blinds.

Muriel Brandolini moment white living room

Her first clients, friends who had known as a stylist, became known for the authenticity of those that contracted with simple tasks like shopping with them abroad and spend months discussing lifestyles.

Muriel Brandolini moment in her beautiful living room fabrics design

Influences that mark forever, also deserve their due mention: Jean-Michel Frank, Eileen Gray, Marcial Berro, Louis Bofferding. Works by Gina Bianco, Madeleine Castaing, Martin Szekely, Pierre Charpin and Marc Newson became pieces with his signature.

Like herself says, “I do not buy cute things,” to explain her success and perpetuity of his style.

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