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Jewellery by Astley Clarke

Commemoration of a golden era, large show stopping gemstones that are delicious enough to eat.  Jewellery by Astley Clarke InteriorFrontRear1

Bec Astley Clarke, 37, is the managing director of Astley Clarke , the award-winning online store selling fine men’s and women’s jewellery.

If you see something you like, make an appointment at their lovely showroom  Jewellery by Astley Clarke IMG 1961

From charm and gorgeous bracelets to engagement rings, Astley Clarke luxury pieces were recently included in Vanity Fair’s jewellery power list. She lives in west London with her husband, Chris, their son, Thor, two, and dog, Como.

It's not just rubies, emeralds and sapphires. It's about well being to women.  Jewellery by Astley Clarke IMG 1989

She started her career in e-commerce making sure she had enough experience in various sectors to eventually do her own thing. Astley Clarke stemmed from her love of fine jewellery, and she felt that a lot of luxury brands were slow to adopt the internet. She started with a business plan four years ago and hired a fine jewellery expert to get the business up to speed. Working  from her apartment, she built a website and met designers. They are now a team of 22.

With coloured gemstones the citeria for what makes one great isn't the same as diamonds  Jewellery by Astley Clarke IMG 1969

Astley Clarke is that not only design and create her own collections, others designers are selectively  about a edit range of other jewellery  Jewellery by Astley Clarke 219

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