Stockholm Furniture Fair 2013: Top Exhibitors

Started today, the Stockholm Furniture Fair is the hotspot for who wants to find good design pieces that represents a Scandinavian style, minimal and very close to nature.
This year the trends are all about the origins of Scandinavian Style, the choice of materials is characterized by the innocence that the designers want to transmit and, to get that, they choose the natural wood, glass or even stone.

Follows our selection of what we consider the TOP 5 exhibitors at Stockholm Furniture Fair:

MOOOI | A7:30

The brand brings to Stockholm pieces that respect the understanding of human needs, culture and technology; this is MOOOI secret to create successful design collections.

SANCAL | A9:45

A brand made of pieces that respect your home: the place that you want to return to.  The exhibitor demands two things to make their pieces: comfort and beauty.

MONTANA | A33:28

Offers freedom to create a room with your personality, the users can express their style and design their own solution.


High-quality, good function and integrity of form are the keywords of Karl Anderson. Wood is not only a favourite material but have a prominent role in all brand’s concept.


Assumes like a company with a modern Scandinavian design. Presents a clean design always combined with remarkable materials and traditional craftsmanship.

These top exhibitors are not the only reason to visit Stockholm Furniture Fair, but they are certainly a great preview of what you can find when it comes to the best Scandinavian style. These brands revisit and revive more lines originating in the Nordic tradition, many of them joining in the innovation of materials and colours, but never losing the guideline of true and pure minimalist style.
Don’t miss a visit to the booth B 06:11 where BRABBU is present in a partnership with Delightfull; there, you can find our new armchair N. º 20.

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