Interior Shops you should stop by in Shanghai

Shanghai is becoming a renowned international metropolis, full of energy and a sight to see. Located on the estuary of Yangtze River, the city is drawing more and more attention from all over the world, including the elites from economical, financial, international trade, science and technology, including the best examples when we talk about culture, design and interiors.
We collected the best interior shops that you should stop by during your trip to Shanghai. Our selection is all about diversity, we chose unique places that reinterpreted the actual times in a different perspective, one think about recycling, one about the past gold times and the last looks to the future in a different way.
Let’s have a look.

Shang Xia
An interesting and famous lifestyle shop, founded in 2008: Shang Xia offers furniture, fine decorative objects, exquisite accessories, luxurious garments and limited edition collection of cultural objects.

Shang Xia is a concept made in China, developed in China with Chinese team, based on Chinese craftsmanship and tradition.

F1, South Tower Hong Kong Plaza
283 Haihai Middle Road


Antique Garden Shanghai
An unique store in the centre of Shanghai that not only offers passionate antiques but also has a special place to have a coffee, to taste an organic cake and have a chat with friends, maybe to talk about antique furniture…

The real antiques are collected from over the world and intend to bring a different ambience into the coffee shop; it feels like we just walked back in time.
Han Yi, the manager, believes that every piece he found somewhere in the world “are worth to share with his customers, for them to enjoy sitting into a great antique chair or drink out of an old antique tea cup”.

Sinan Road 44, Luwan-Qu
200020 China


Jonas’ Design
Jonas Merian, a Swiss born furniture designer, is the creative mind behind this special and unique shop. The materials used in his pieces are collected at Shanghai antique markets or from destroyed houses of Shanghai Old Town.

Jonas says that “the old look of used things has a better feel and comes with a story.” The most important besides the design, is the fact that the designer can make everything custom made.

Wuwei Creative Garden
Building 32, no. 1436, Jungong Road
Yangpu District, Shanghai
200433 China
NOTE: Don’t forget to make an appointment.

Becoming a renewed international metropolis and popular destination, Shanghai is cosmopolitan, multicultural and has a unique glamour resulting in the moment when traditional and modern, western and oriental collides.
This is Shanghai’s culture, making a visitor’s stay truly memorable.


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