Antoni Associates, the luxury defining firm

Antoni Associates is an Interior Design & Décor studio that over the past decade has created some of the most exclusive interiors in South Africa as well as in big cities around the world including London, Paris, Moscow, New York, Dubai and Geneva.

This innovative practice, which is connected with the architectural firm SAOTA, specializes in creating interior spaces and bespoke décor for every type of space which include domestic, hospitality, retail, corporate and leisure sectors.

The company is led by Mark Rielly, Vanessa Weissenstein and Adam Court, together with associates Ashleigh Gilmour, Jon Case and Michele Rhonda plus a team of designers and decorators. Antoni Associates prides itself of being unique in South Africa, all due to their dedication to cutting edge contemporary design, technical knowledge and computer skills.

Their projects meet the international standard of being modern, luxurious and seductive while still respecting the clients demands. In their project for the Clifton View 7 Apartment the team shows all of their ability to create contemporary interior designs, the client asked for a complete and personalized makeover which the company achieved with the help of OKHA Design Studio, directed by Adam Court.

Adress: 4th Floor, 109 Hatfield Street, Gardens, Cape Town, South Africa, 8001

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