The event of a thread in New York

In the famous city of New York at the Park Avenue Armory until 6 of January 2013, it’s possible to remember one the best pleasures that we all live in kids, swing!

The visual artist Ann Hamilton created a large-scale multimedia installation titled the event of a thread.

The 42 swings that have been set up in the 55,000-square-foot space boast a giant billowing white curtain that separates the hall. The curtain is controlled by the back and forth swaying motion of people on swings.

In the space we can also find 42 homing pigeons and a station with two readers speaking into microphones.

The creator Ann Hamilton has a space only for her, where she can get the feedback from the reactions of the visitors, one way to evaluate her work.

This nostalgic event brings us the human connectivity and take us for a journey in the past. Unexpected journey that can make you “work” alone or with the other visitors, which will make the curtain swing faster.

The connection of sound, readings and human interactivity makes this event an unusual experience, but certainly refreshing. A multisensory feeling.

The event of a thread is waiting for you in NY and you can bring someone to help you swing the curtain.

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