APIS Dining Table | NEW

Mood board for APIS dining table

The Egyptians claimed they were the tears of God RA and in many other civilizations they were adored and thought of as Gods. The liquor that they produce was, in many histories and cultures, associated with gold.

Honey droplets

The bee lends its etherial royalty and latin name to our first dining table.

A Beehive

Of wood and brass, this standout table is built like the torso of a tremendous, ancient tree hosting a golden beehive at the base. Together, the result is a piece of nature translated into a piece of furniture.

If God RA needed a table for a private feast, this would be it.

BRABBU APIS Wood and Brass Dining Table | NEW

WIDTH 150 cm | 59”
DEPTH 150 cm | 59”
HEIGHT 75 cm | 29,5”

Karnak temple in Egypt

Giza pyramids in Egypt

Karnak temple in Egypt

Sunset in the Sahara desert in Egypt

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