Eva van Oosten’s lights and shadows

Imagine an amazing picture. The image that came into your mind involves paradisiacal places, bright lights, welcoming environment or flowers? Forget all about it to know Eva van Oosten’s work. A Dutch photographer that manages to win the biggest challenge for any photographer: transform what is not exactly “pleasant to the eyes” in stunning images that really transform our perceptions.

"Eva van Oosten’s lights and shadows-Terrible-Photography-of-Abandoned-Places-of-UK"

"Eva van Oosten’s lights and shadows-Photography-Aurelie-Rose-hair-makeup-Miss-Sanni-Mais-makeup-designer-Skeletons-in-the-Closet-Clothing-and-Corsetry"

Eva’s experience with photography began in a Dutch music festival called Gothtronic. She made the first images with an SLR camera (Single Lens Reflex – system in which the photographer sees exactly the same image that will be revealed).

"Eva van Oosten’s lights and shadows-Eva-van-Oosten-Susanne-Meriam-makeup-Katy-J"

"Eva van Oosten’s lights and shadows-Eva van Oosten"

Eva liked the result and decided to engage more deeply with the field, she studied photography in Utrecht, where she developed her passion for pictures with models, from then, she began to develop a work that brings images full of natural sensitivity and strength.

"Eva van Oosten’s lights and shadows-Eva van Oosten"

"Eva van Oosten’s lights and shadows"

Dark tones, morbid landscapes and an incredibly delicate work with lights and shadows, these are the main features of Eva’s photos.

Let yourself be amazed…

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