Sounds of nature like you never heard

“Sounds are like pieces of a mosaic. Intensities are shapes. Frequencies are colours. An expression of the imagination.”

Did you ever heard about a sound designer? Well this is Diego Stocoo‘s career, the man who uses methods and instruments that you could never imagine to make music.

Do you remember those CD’s commonly called “sounds of nature” used for relaxing? No, Stocco’s sound are nothing like that. Part of his work is called “Music from Nature” but you are certainly not expecting to hear music from peeled oranges and coconuts or to see a kindling used like a violin.

The California-based musician produced the work to celebrate the Earth Day 2012 and there’s no synthesizer, samplers or additional sounds on his sounds.

Diego Stocco – Music from Nature from Diego Stocco on Vimeo.

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